Thursday, March 18, 2010

My luck was short-lived.

After having an amazing shift two Tuesdays ago, making $145, my luck took a decidedly shit turn this weekend.

Friday I was stiffed at least once (possibly twice, but I'm having a hard time remembering). I admit they had to wait an extra 2-3 minutes for me to pick up their credit card because I was taking orders at the tables on either side of them.

Saturday my first table left me 40 cents, my second to last left me 50 cents, and my last left me zero. That's right, 90 cents on about $100 in sales.
  • The first table was two teenage girls--I wasn't expecting much, especially after they got shitty with me because I would let them use expired coupons to get two free desserts when that was all they ordered.
  • The second-to-last table was a couple of cranky old bitches who come in fairly often; the wife accosted me and demanded "Don't you have any burgers that aren't smoked?" Um, yes. All of them, actually. I suggested maybe her bun was a little bit burned and offered to get her a new one, and she kept insisting it was the meat.
  • The last one was three trampy-looking twenties bitches. I asked if they needed boxes and was told no; the next time I walked by a couple of minutes later I was snottily informed that they needed boxes. I gave them their check; five minutes later they hadn't touched it, so I asked Anna to pick up their ticket while I made a dash in to the bathroom because I couldn't hold it anymore. Sure enough, when I came out two minutes later they had grabbed Pennsyltucky and jammed cash in his hands, while bitching about how I "disappeared".

Sunday was another shitty night. I think every one of my tables needed to go change their tampons or something, everybody was so fucking bitchy! My co-workers were all saying it too. I lost it at one point after a steady stream of 5-10% tips, followed by being given eight dollars on a fucking big top's $140 ticket. I ended up in the kitchen angrily crying, throwing shit and yelling about how next week I refuse to wait on those "fucking Mexicans" anymore because this was the second week in a row they'd done this to me. No, I'm not proud of saying that.

Monday was unremarkable, I think; it seems so far away now! I know it was another night of sitting around doing nothing the last couple of hours when we once again didn't have late night customers. Tuesday ... well, Tuesday's primary bitch is worthy of her own entry.

I've had two days off now--two days of having stomach flu, isn't that splendid--and my work week begins anew tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a bit more lucky--goddammit, I'm Irish, this is supposed to be my week!


Anonymous said...

Last night, at one minute until close, a man comes in with his 90 year old mother, I informed him that we are closing up as it's 10:00, he says "thats okay" and proceeds to seat himself...Ok, so I go tell the cook I have a two top, and as any cook will do he gets pissed, and tells me everything is shut down and off. I return to the table and inform the man, that the grills are off..I dont think this is going to happen. He says..I can't belive this.."Can I get a burger"..Dumbfounded, and seriously irritated I give in, ok, I will get you a burger sir. So I take their order..She orders a club sandwich and proceeds to give me a list of special preps, orders a margarita and he orders his burger. At this point, its already well past 10, im there late (supposed to be *saving labor* and off the clock) and they take an hour to eat.
You have to be kidding me. the nerve some people have

purplegirl said...

God people SUCK!