Friday, April 30, 2010

Actually, I don't think I will.

A couple of weeks ago I was calling out bingo numbers for late night; we had a pretty decent crowd, but it wasn't as fun as usual because I didn't have a mic and had to just yell the entire time. Still, it was working out okay.

The entire point of this stuff is to keep people there, hopefully ordering drinks and appetizers and desserts. So we take breaks in between rounds, and basically it's a leisurely thing. I try to keep track of when people go out to smoke or whatever and wait for them to get back.

This particular night, Helmet Hair and her husband Balding Mullet Man were going out to smoke. I politely told them I'd wait for them to come back, so they could take their time. They ignored me, of course. A few minutes later, a group of guys at the bar who were playing also went out to smoke. Then HH and BMM came back in, and immediately started glaring at me. Hey, it's not my fault that they're out past their bedtime. We don't do this just for her personal entertainment, you know.

Five minutes pass, and the bar guys haven't come back in yet. It's been about fifteen minutes since we ended the last round, and I'd said 10-15 minutes before the next. At this point, HH decided to speak to me--by hollering over a couple of tables at me. "Isn't it time? What are you waiting for?"

"Just waiting on some other players to come back in, they were smoking too." I was as polite as I could be even though I wanted to ignore her.

"Well!" She huffed. "You need to tell them to go when it's time so we don't have to wait!"

I stared at her for a moment. "I'm sure they'll be back soon," I said, and deliberately turned to talk to someone else. Sure enough, the guys sauntered back in about a minute later. I waited an extra couple of minutes before I started, just to piss off Helmet Hair. I also, again, took satisfaction in her not winning a single round. Petty, yes, but she's such a bitch!

The next week, CL told me that we were going to start bingo a half an hour later from now on, and said she heard people were getting restless and she'd talked to them. I laughed, because I knew she was talking about Helmet Hair, and sure enough I saw her explaining it to the witch.

Helmet Hair didn't win anything that week, either.


SkippyMom said...

As entertaining as HH is she absolutely drives me to distraction LOL - "Do things MY way - Make them come back now we don't want to wait." I mean, c'mon you actually HOLD bingo calling while two sets of people smoke? You are to be worshipped, believe me, how nice, but here? Where I live? It would be freaking Armageddon. with tar and feathers. LOL - so I applaud you for risking life/limb not once but twice!

Word vert is so HH - it is "minessen", sigh.

Hang in there and keep posting :D I love your blog.

purplegirl said...

If we were a regular bingo place, I don't think I'd dare! :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

conjuring up Helmet and Balding Mullet Man is endless entertainment ;)
I love your blog, too.