Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rehab's back.

When I started working at this place, I immediately got off to a bad start with Rehab. She's in her mid-thirties but looks ten years older because of her insane past. She always talked about how she was addicted to this or that as a teenager, how she gave herself a tattoo at fourteen so if she ended up dead her mother could identify her body, blah blah blah. It might be true; I don't know. She's just one of those people who seems to have had an experience with everything.

And she is driving me absolutely fucking crazy! She thinks having worked there for ten years on and off entitles her to treat everyone around her like slaves, and speak to us any way she wants. God help you if you don't do something when she tells you to -- because she will get right up in your face, yelling at full volume. The other day I refused to take fajitas to my table without tortillas -- because that just seems fucking stupid, it's like taking a burger without a bun -- and I thought her head was going to burst. She refused to speak to me for the rest of the night, in fact -- which I was okay with.

It's better when she's serving, instead of working as expo -- because as expo, she screams non-fucking-stop. "Hot food! (three second wait) I need runners! (two seconds) Come on guys! (two seconds) Hot food! HOT FOOD!" I swear she doesn't even breathe in between screams -- whether it's at the servers, or the cooks, or at/for the manager. All this screaming goes on while she stampedes up and down the length of the cook's window, literally shoving people out of her way and sticking her armpits in peoples' faces reaching for things with never an apology.

And when she messes something up? You might as well have accused her of murder, because she flips the fuck out. The one and only good thing about her is that the cooks don't ignore her -- probably because she starts fucking screaming at them in Spanish if they do!


yellowcat said...

As an older woman who has been in food service longer than most people have been alive, I have little patience with retards. But I don't scream at people.

In the case of you and the fajitas, I would have been yelling at the cooks. I HATE taking incomplete food to a table. You might as well tell the customers you are incompetent because that's what they think.

I would do some passive/aggressive nastiness to Rehab. If that failed, I would go all aggressive/aggressive on her. But I'm mean like that.

purplegirl said...

I'm trying to just ignore her -- she's a nasty vindictive bitch to boot, and I'd rather not get into a war with her. I'm hoping she quits again soon!