Sunday, September 26, 2010

Retargeting? Wha?


I admit, I'd never heard of retargeting unless you're talking about putting up the targets in the gun range after emptying your clip! But apparently it's a business practice relating to re-directing previous visitors back to your website. I do this primarily by posting blog entries full of swear words and insulting euphemisms for customers, but there are actually retargeting companies that specialize in this concept. It's a whole thing my limited computer sense doesn't understand, regarding something called "retargeting pixels". It sounds technical and like something that might work in the effort of remarketing your business to people who already know about it. I suppose it's really a way of building on the fact that people who see your ad will already recognize your name? Confusing it is.

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SkippyMom said...

Nice sponsored post I hope enough people click to make you some moola. :D

What did you do to your cranky comrades bar? It doesn't update anymore when they have new posts. I like the old way better, but I understand - just like me - your blog, your rules.