Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeah, screw you too.

I had a table tonight that seemed familiar, although I couldn't think of why. They were all in a hurry to get their first margaritas on special, as well as their appetizer. Then they lingered through most of the dinner rush, had a second margarita, didn't finish half their dinner, and asked for boxes.

I remembered who they were when I picked up their credit card slip. The wife had paid, and the bitch had circled the total -- $42.94 -- and signed her name. Nothing else. No tip. Just like two weeks ago.

I must fix them in my memory so that next time I don't waste time on them.


SkippyMom said...

What the frick is wrong with people? Well I know you won't forget them the next time. To demand and then camp is one thing, but to not tip at all? There are just places in hell for the group of them. Sorry waitress.

yellowcat said...

I HATE when I can't remember if I should let a table sit in their own filth and forget their drink refills or if I should be kissing their asses. Usually it's the former.