Saturday, September 4, 2010

The snottiest woman in existence.

My next post was supposed to be about "stereotypes don't pay" but I've kind of forgotten the specifics of that. Moving right along .....

I'm used to snotty people and their bullcrap, but this woman took the cake. She strolled in with her nose in the air and her husband trailing behind her.

"Hi! Two for dinner?" asked our perky little hostess.
The woman rolled her eyes. "No, there will be five. And we need a booth, not a table!"
"Okay! Any children with you?"
Again with the eye rolling! "Um, no. He's ten. But he spends all his time with adults, so he's very mature for his age."
The hostess kept trying to be nice even though this woman was acting as if she smelled bad. As she took the two of them to their requested booth, she explained the only booth open was for four people, and asked them if they'd like a chair on the end.
"No!" the snotty bitch snarled. "He not a fat kid like some of these gross kids these days! He'll fit in the booth like a normal person!"

I really wish I'd been their server. I would have "accidentally" brushed my fat on the bitch at every opportunity.


yellowcat said...

I seated the snottiest bitch on the planet last night. It must have been snotty bitch field trip last night. I made sure I gave them to Trauma Queen.

Molly Malone said...

Wow... she sounds like a winner!

The Bitchy Waiter said...

What a whore.

Squishy said...


This is an SOS from me to you. I am desperate for a laugh. Send us more honey cuz I need it. The last two months my mom has been planning two cruises, and four months ago I asked her for money to help pay for college. Her answer was to book two back to back cruises and she leaves Sept 21. I need a laugh or there will be blood...

purplegirl said...

Yellowcat, that's hilarious. :)

Molly, Bitchy Waiter, you both made me laugh!

Squishy, I'm sorry! You DO need a laugh! Not much has been funny at my job lately though, everybody's on permanent eggshells, we have corporate visitors every other day, etc. I promise as soon as something funny happens I'll write it!