Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay, okay, I'll get the manager!

Two days in a row, at two different jobs, I had annoying people demanding to see the manager.

The first was probably the funniest -- at the haunted house, I jumped out and started screaming as usual. This 18ish girl stared at me and then demanded to see the manager! She's surrounded by bloody zombies, revving chainsaws, strobe lights, people screaming, and fake fog -- and she stops in the middle of it to ask to see the manager. Her friends were having a great time, and just followed her as I showed them to the exit. As we walked outside the haunt, one of them said "Why are we leaving?" "Because I want to see the manager, that's why!" I found out later that she was upset because the group behind hers was being too loud. In a haunted house.

The next day, my evening at work started off very slow. When I arrived, there was an older man and a dark-haired woman sitting at one of my booths, and rest were empty. After doing my usual section walkthrough, I started doing other things while keeping an eye on my section over the bar. Half an hour dragged by, no tables. I kept running other food, rolling silverware, talking to people .... and then someone came up and told me my booth had been sat and they'd been waiting a while. Dammit! I rushed right out and immediately knew what had happened -- the first table had left and the hostess had re-sat the table with an older man and a dark-haired woman! It had to have happened quickly, as the longest I'd been in the back was two or three minutes, and they looked like the same table to me.

I immediately headed to the table; the man saw me coming and while I was about ten feet away yelled "get me the manager!" Knew that was coming. "Okay sir, I'll get him for you. Can I get you something to drink too so you don't have to wait any longer?"
"I want to see the manager! We've been waiting!"
I immediately apologized, quickly told them how I'd been confused and it was my fault, and said I'd get the manager for them. The woman was still holding the drink menu; she looked up from it, opened her mouth, and --
"I want to see the manager!" the man repeated.
"I will get him for you, sir. Did you want to order first?" I looked at the woman while I said that, as I was pretty sure she was trying to order before he cut her off.
"I. Want. To. See. The. Manager."
"Okay sir, I'll get him right now." I took a step back from the table.
At that point the man pounded on the table and yelled "I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER!"
I wanted to point out that I had JUST said I was getting the manager, but I just said "I'm getting him now" and walked away. I went right to the back, told Pot Smoking Manager an abbreviated version, we went back to the front ... and they'd left so quickly nobody even saw them go!

Obviously I should have been more observant and realized they were new customers right away; but they were waiting maybe five minutes based on when the hostess said she sat them. Not long enough to get that upset about! The man later e-mailed corporate and told them how I was rude and refused to get the manager for them -- luckily our new area manager is working out better than I thought. He basically shrugged and said people over-react and he understood I was trying to get their dinner started so they wouldn't wait anymore.


yellowcat said...

What a jackass. When you explained how you confused the two tables and apologized, he should have just ordered and forgot about it. I want to be just like him and never make a mistake.

Throwing In The Apron said...

Speaking of rude customers, I've just started my own blog about the trials and tribulations of being a server in this industry! Come see me at!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Hey Purplegirl, long time no see. Sadly nothing has changed in that restaurant has it?
Umm, couldn't the hostess tell you you got a new party? since it was so slow?