Monday, December 13, 2010

Not worth the gas money.

I came in to the worst section in the restaurant: two bar rounds and a two-seater which rarely get sat on slow nights, and one booth. When I arrived the 2 was the only open table. I did get sat right away - with crotchety old folk who snapped that they "do NOT pay $2 for coffee!" This isn't 1960, folks.

Next table: two that have been here 30 minutes without even opening their menus. This seriously isn't going to be worth the gas money to get here - even on a close, I'd wager, which is pathetic.

Seriously considering defecting to the competition ....


yellowcat said...

Lately none of my shifts have been worth the gas money. Is winter almost over?

nycgirl said...

Send the old folks to would you like to pay $4 a cup, Gramps?