Thursday, January 13, 2011

Could've been worse.

I accidentally picked up a shift today -- I forgot I had set up to automatically pick up any released shift tonight. I really didn't want to work a 5:30 first cut, because I knew I'd come in a full station and spend my first hour doing nothing that actually made me money. But it was too late, I was committed.

Sure enough, I came in to find my section full. If you call three tables a section. The first two were sat again within a half an hour; the other, a mother and her snot-nosed son, camped out eating a dessert at a rate of a bite an eon. My first table was five people, five adults in fact which I was excited about seeing as it was kids' night, the dreaded night where crotchspawn eat free. I was soon disappointed, however; they had two teas, a soda, chips and salsa, and cheese sticks. And that's all. They did leave me $4, a 26% tip, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I had four more tables tonight; one which had a bill of $100 and tipped me exactly $15, which ended up being almost half of what I made tonight. I made $40, which isn't too bad for three hours of very minimal work -- we had so many freaking people on the floor, and my tables were so low-maintenance, that I almost never had anything to do. I was incredibly bored; my tables were all very busy talking to each other so I didn't have any success talking to them, and there were only two coworkers there I even wanted to speak to.

I could have picked up a closing shift, but the first karaoke song changed my mind on that in hurry -- plus I know from experience that there are usually few people who come in after nine on a Wednesday. I still picked up a closing shift next week -- because I was only schedule four shifts. Thanks, Lapdog. Grr.

Anyway, I made enough to buy a bag of cat food and do some grocery shopping, so I guess it wasn't a total waste.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oy Vay ;(

Krissy said...

Which chain restaurant do you work for? From what you described from the menu two post ago, it sounded pretty good. (I'm talking about the couple that didn't like thier fettucini alfredo pasta dish with marinara meatballs)

purplegirl said...

Krissy, I have an absolute terror of being found out and ended up with my coworkers or corporate types reading my blog, so I've made it a point to never mention its name on the blog. If you're really curious, you can email me at slightlycranky at and I'll tell you. :)