Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh look, a moron.

ETA: I knew you guys would like that one! Brian posted another comment, on the original post instead of here where it would be seen: "Yeah, because all the words I typed are completely untrue. The truth sucks, doesn't it waitresses of the world. Get a job at a restaurant that pays a decent wage if you have to work a restaurant job. Or, maybe, go to college and get a degree, and stop being a dumb, whore waitress. "

I received the following comment on my blog entry about not believing in tipping:

"I, for one, believe that any job that doesn't have a set pay standard high enough for you to live without having to put on a fake smile and kiss ass to get your income is not a job worth having. Ya know, if waitresses unionized and insisted... on fair wages like back of the house employees get then it might be alright for some people to not have to tip. I believe that the cost of the meal is what i should pay. I don't tip the dishwasher for doing his job. I don't tip the manager for doing his job. I don't tip the cook for doing his job. Why? Because they get paid to do their jobs. I don't get a tip for the work I do, I just get a pay check. So, fuck YOU waitresses of the world. Either stand up for yourselves and organize, or get different fucking jobs that don't make you rely on asskissing to pay your damn bills."

Fuck you, "Brian". Everyone's job involves a certain amount of smiling and asskissing, even if it's to your boss or a coworker. You, for one, are just a cheap and selfish dick.


John said...

The only reason they can afford to pay all the other employees is by not paying the servers.

Tipping a server has been common practice for over a century. Brian sounds like a cheapskate and should stick to the McDonalds and Burger Kings of the world.

SkippyMom said...

This is just justification to be cheap.

He doesn't realize that the minute they pay [at least] minimum wage to servers his $12 steak is going to cost him $18 - and his $4 Coors lite is then going to be $6.

Then he will have to find a place to complain about the high cost of eating out.

There are just so many flaws with his boggles.

Logan said...

He's just pissed off that his paycheck isn't near what some servers and bartenders clear on a good Saturday night.

I bartended Saturday night and due to the Steelers game we were slammed. I came in at 6, worked 7 hours, and made $230. That's roughly $32/hour. The week prior we weren't as busy but I still made $155 which is $22/hr.

I would assume that 85% of the servers in America are college students. What do you think your doctor or lawyer did in college? Can you tell me what job I can have that allows me to think,"Crap I have a massive biology test tomorrow," and get off that evening with a few hours notice?

My job allows me to go to school and make good money at the same time. Yes, there are slow times and yes it's stressful but it allows me the best chance at finishing school and get away from uneducated assholes like "Brian". Obviously he hasn't walked in our ugly non-slip shoes because perhaps if he did he wouldn't waste his time commenting on a very amusing, well written blog that quite obviously doesn't have anything to do with his views or beliefs and therefore he shouldn't bother reading.

The Restaurant Manager said...

WTF! Is he being serious? What a dick.

I wonder how he feels about commissioned sales people? People like car salesman, real estate agent, loan officers etc. When you buy from them you pay more so they can earn commission. They kiss your ass and put on a fake smile so you will buy from them. Trust me I know- I was one. A tip is a commission.

What a dumb ass.

Ginger said...

Well Brian, I hope you're not a regular anywhere because I can guarantee the waitstaff and bartenders hate you.

Pierre said...

Your math on the post made sense. Sounds to me like that c--kstain got confused by simple math.

I'm guessing he's "that guy" at his local establishments. You know, the customer that everyone groans the second they walk into a restaurant, who will run the whole staff into the ground, knowing full well they're not getting shit.

This is the kind of person that makes me feel that all restaurants/bars, no matter how big or small, corporate or not, should take a hard stance and ban from their establishments.

Ashley said...

You tell him!

What a jerk.

John said...

I can't stand people who have this personal philosophy of not tipping. The server takes your order, brings you your food and drinks, handles any requests you have, etc. For about an hour, you get to pretend like you are royalty. Don't feel like paying a tip? Go somewhere that lets you order at a counter and just wait for your food to be done.

When I go out for lunch or dinner, I consider it an experience and I'm ready to pay for that experience. Can't stand these people who try to justify their exploitation of waiters and waitresses.

Aunty Pol said...

I simply cannot stand this kind of BS..this pissant has no clue. When I slogged beer and food I earned every f'g red cent I recieved as a tip..both hubby and I have been there and done that. My admiration for those in food service is without bounds and for that reason every SINGLE time we go out, I recall those days. On 12/27/10, our anniversary we went to the local Carrabbas, didn't run the server, were pleasent but mindful of the time to turn a table and left the nice guy a $25.00 tip on a $75.00 tab...because he earned it and we had the ability to do so. Unfortunately this is not always the case ..but we always tip our minimum of 20% directly to the server..I've seen drive by scoopage of the tip too often sad to say.

Brian , you are the kind of dumb fuck that used to make me want to scream. You are an impotent weasel devoid of manners and common sense.

Sorry PG..he pissed me off


Squishy said...

What can we say of Brian? Maybe he is the product of the school system. Maybe he is an idiot...Maybe we should find him and feed him to a wild pack of chihuahuas.

But have confidence my future, current, and past servers. There is a very special hell for Brian. A nice toasty seat on the front burner while Hitler gets a pineapple up his butt ala "Little Nicky". You know, if Harvey Kietel is really the devil..that would be hot!!

Do me a favor thought, PG, and remember the nice lady who gave you your 18 dollar tip and pray for the souls of the world. These is dark times, they is.

Amber said...

I did go to college, I did get a degree. In fact, I went to grad school. But I'm still a "dumb, whore waitress." Oops. lol.

fuckmytable said...

Hey Brian, most waitresses are putting themselves through college. If you want us to complete college, learn to fucking tip.


Squishy said...

I am just curious how Brian can edify that PG is a whore. To be a whore, one lies on there back and allows members of the same or opposite sex to copulate with them. Unless I have missed my mark, I do not believe they allow that in family establishments.

I have to say PG that I am sorry you have to endure this abuse from this animal. I have a friend who works for the CIA..we might be able to track "Brian" down...

And then we can feed him to hungry kitties at the Humane Society...muahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

Anywho, I do not believe you are a whore, PG in any form. You're just an honest kid trying to make an honest buck in an unhonest world. Stay in school, let me know if you want some Lane Bryant coupons, and we love you, M'kay?

purplegirl said...

I knew you guys would love this asshole! :) You all make me laugh, thanks. :)

Enzo said...

Dear Purple girl, love love this blog. Been reading it for the past two months but never commented. I cant believe this guy brian actually wrote this comment. Seriously? This guy sounds like he must be unemployed because you are right about the fact that all jobs require you to smile and be nice to people even when they are rude.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I come from Europe so I come from a system that operates pretty much in the way purplegirl hypothesized. Service charges are included in your bill so the servers get payed for what they do and aren't relying on the charity of cheap skates.

Personally, I find it disgusting that people aren't payed a decent wage and are expected to make their living from begging tips. Even so I wouldn't begrudge my American counterparts it's not their fault its they systems. Rest assured thanks to this blog, when I visit later this year I'll be well informed of the system and leaving decent tips.

purplegirl said...

Thanks Enzo! That guy's a total douche!

Anonymous, I'm glad to have been of service. :) I hope you have a great visit!

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