Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh man, that's some crap.

To understand how that title sounds, you need to watch this hilarious video.

Tonight had the potential to be a great night. I had a four table section with two booths; a lot of my friends were working; and Lapdog was in a great mood. Of course, everything went to hell. The kitchen was dragging behind, and Rehab was fucking up constantly. She was also screaming non-stop. At one point she screamed, "Fuck you all! I'm fucking done!" and stomped away untying her apron!

Where my night really went downhill, though, was when my two tables got pushed together for an eight top. To anyone out there in a book club: Friday night in a restaurant is not the appropriate place to meet. The bitches sat there, taking up half my section, for three fucking hours. They tipped me a grand total of $10. And the best part was that they all had separate tickets, and they paid one ... by one ... by one .. by one. Except for one loud-mouthed bitch, who just kept talking and talking through all of this. She kept her ticket right by her drink for the next hour and a half as they chatted away, merrily wasting my time and costing me money. Finally, at 9:30, they all got up and filed out. Want to guess who didn't leave any money for her ticket?

Fucking bitches.

I ended up leaving with a whole $30 tonight for seven hours of work. Fucking hell. I think I lost money somewhere, but have no idea when or how. I left the restaurant in tears.


Pyewacketcat said...

Days like that make you rethink your whole life ,don't they? I go home and vent with a bottle of Lambrusco myself... hope your days ahead are better!
And, I try to remember ,while it is a crappy job,it is a job,and I think of all the people out there that can't find work. Now don't hate me for that pearl ,ok?

SkippyMom said...

So basically that incredibly lousy tip paid for her meal and drink.

You are not kidding when you say b*tches - but I don't even think that is enough.

I wish people that did this stupid book club thing would confine it to their own homes. But you know they are all slobs and don't want anyone into their houses...they might have to ::gasp:: clean and entertain.

Anonymous said...

Dude think how bad your life is if your Friday night consists of Book Club. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking anything that promotes literacy, but on a weekend night? And for cripe's sake--if you're going to read something . . . start by reading the check . . . and, I dunno . . . PAYING it?

And yes I meet up with a book club. I'd tell you more about it but the first rul of Book Club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT BOOK CLUB.

Dignity an Respect
Me, The JerBear

Pademelon said...

That's AWFUL! Sometimes I'm surprised there isn't a problem with servers going postal (going server?)! You'd think a group that focuses on literacy & intelligent discussion (theoretically, anyway) wouldn't have trouble figuring out how to pay at a restaurant. Why have your book club meet in a restaurant? Why not a coffee shop or a bookstore or someone's home? I'm sorry you have such idiotic customers! Your restaurant deserves some sort of reward for retarded clientele.

purplegirl said...

Lapdog comped off the dine-and-dasher's meal, so at least I didn't have to deal with that! I'm still steamed days later though. Bitches. :)

Pancake Grrrl said...

These bitches do not understand that they are not the only people in the world. It's not only the shitty tips they leave, but the potentially great tips we miss out on when they camp at our tables. Why NOT go to the bookstore? My favorite bookstore has a coffee shop IN IT and I tip at the counter when I receive my goods and service. It must be super-fun to be totally self-absorbed and never have to think about other people.