Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh dear god no.

Since we started having late night activities about a year ago, I've done my best to avoid them (except for bingo, but I don't wait tables during it). Trivia drives me to distraction, although I've never figured out why. Karaoke makes me want to stab knives into my ears so I don't have to hear the noise. So basically I only work those shifts if I am ridiculously strapped for cash, because it's never worth the time and aggravation.

But lucky, lucky me, CL has decided to make some changes to the late night lineup. At first I thought I was still safe: trivia and karaoke were merely being flip-flopped. And then I found out we're going to have karaoke two nights a week. Fuck my life.


Rachel said...

I swear, sometimes, people in the upper management at restaurant chains REALLY need to be told to 'stop having ideas.' I've got a similiar problem...we are coming out with a 'brunch' menu...basically breakfast. Which will no doubt be a roaring success in a sports bar, because EVERYONE goes to sports bars for breakfast.

And, if, through some crazy sequence of events, the whole thing falls flat on its face, the asshole VP of our company will blame the servers (he always does when his 'brilliant' plans fail...and one does every week), because he can't wrap his mind around the fact that his 'ideas' suck.

DMT said...

Management really should consult the people at the bottom before putting hair brained schemes into play.
We're the ones who have to deal with the customers we're the ones who take the abuse and know how they behave, we're the one who know if it will work so save yourself the bother and as those of us on the front line for our more qualified expert opinion.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Oh I pity you because not only are most karaoke singers horrible,but drunk also. No one gets paid enough to work that crap.

Kasey said...

Why does shit always roll downhill? And for some reason the high higher ups always like to fuck with the underlings. I swear you have to have an idiot quotient to get into management.

purplegirl said...

You guys are all oh, so right. It really just drives me up a wall.