Tuesday, April 12, 2011


(An old one I don't think I ever got around to posting.)

When we first switched to glass tumblers a year ago, I knew that they'd get broken constantly. It's just the kind of shit that happens in a restaurant, right? It still sort of blows my mind that corporate is willing to pay the constant replacement costs.

Some of the more spectacular incidents have involved entire racks of those damn glasses crashing to the floor. The first and funniest, though, was when Bitter Divorced Man lost his grip on a rack. It crashed to the floor with a resounding tinkle, throwing glass in every direction. Every last glass in the rack broke … except one. BDM picked up that single whole glass and looked at it. Then he shrugged and dropped it, watching it shatter on the floor with a blank face with the rest before walking away.

(He came back and cleaned it up, but the effect was fucking awesome.)


Mystic Diva said...

well that must have been fun...and what were the effects...elaborate?

Mystic Diva
something THEY call life

Just Sayin... said...

can't beat it, join it.
hahaha I would have loved to seen his face!

oh and todays word verification was FATTER! lol

DMT said...

I can just imagine it, the shrug and all. I bet it was one of those "meh, fuck it" shrugs too, am I right?

Rachel said...

Yeah, we had a new server break her first glass last Sunday. To make it worse, that day was DEAD, and most of us were chilling in the back of house. The entire BOH broke out in spontaneous clapping and cheering.

I really do hatae glass tumblers, though. They weigh more than plastic ones, they break, and then, you have to sweep up the pieces (fast) in the middle of the rush. They suck.

Flippingtables said...

Sounds like something i would do! That kind of silly shit is always happening here!