Monday, May 9, 2011

Quit trying to show off how much you don't know.

I had a customer order “jack and coke short, more jack than coke.” Right away I knew I wasn't getting a decent tip, of course. So I rang his drink in as a double, but Dolly whipped out a tall glass.

“Wait, I need that a short, please.”
Dolly froze, bottle lifted, and stared at me with huge wide eyes. “I can't do that.”
“It's against the law, doubles aren't supposed to be short! They have to be in a tall glass. It's illegal.”

And this is a woman who claims she was a GM for TGIFriday's (and made $150,000 a year – yeah fucking right), and thinks she's the best bartender we have.


Anonymous said...

It's also illegal to wear purple socks on Tuesdays.
And to snorkel after 6pm.
But the tall/short debate is only valid on Sundays. You should inform her.

Cripes. >_<

SkippyMom said...

Please tell me you managed to get it in a short.

Squishy said...

I work at a certain Darden restaurant and they put in buttons that show single, rocks, and double. If you push any of these three buttons for any kind of hard liqour, you will get it short unless requested.

The only real restrictions I can think of on selling alcohol is selling to people who are completely intoxicated or known

purplegirl said...

FMT, I don't think that's even on the books here. Pretty much it's don't serve minors, don't serve drunks, done. I'd never heard such a thing before!

Skippy, she did do it short. After me and three other people told her she was wrong. Of course she threw in something stupid about how if the cops came in it would be her ass. *eyeroll*

Squishy, funny you should say that -- they just changed out system. Used to be that doubles automatically came tall, but suddenly they're supposed to come short! Which Ms. I'm-The-Best-Bartender should've known, but whatever!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, I was being a sarcastic asshole. When people talk out of their asses I make up things to tell them are "true" but since I can't talk to her directly...

dirtydisher said...

There is a dram law, but, I'm not sure how that applies to glass size. She sounds weird to me.