Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't shake your head at me, I'm not done.

Tonight was the night of the interrupting jerks. First table:

“Hi! How are y--”
“Well, your wine list isn't anything special, IS IT.”
Shortly after:
“We have chips and salsa--” I started.
“-- on special for a dollar tonight.” I finished because fuck her, that's why.
“How is everythin--”
“Can't we get our bill.”

Next table:
“Hello, how are you? What can I get you to--”
“I'm waiting for two more people.”
“Okay, can I get you some tea or something while you're--”

All goddamn night. It's not like I was trying high-pressure sales tactics or something, most of the interruptions were during normal questions or just plain greetings. Did nobody learn manners growing up?

I always want to pull a "My Cousin Vinny" -- "Don't shake your head at me, I'm not done. Wait until you hear the whole thing."


watergirl said...

People, in general, are rude. I stand by my idea of a small electric shock machine that you can press a button and BZZZTT someone when they're being rude. :)


Little Miss Me said...

My god I couldn't dream of talking to anyone like that! I've been stuck in conversations for hours because I couldn't interrupt someone talking...I once even missed a train because of it!

michelle said...

This is why working in the service industry, should be a 6 month requirement for everyone, either while still in high school or immediately following graduation. Then people might have a clue!


J.L. Scott said...

Good lord, I'd murder someone. Kudos to you for actually making it through the night without resorting to manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

i feel you on this one.

"hi how are you do.."
"water.. with lemon"


"here is our drink menu.."
*shakes head no*
"we don't drink"

I hate people like that.. also no one ever says please or thank you!

purplegirl said...

These people boggle my mind too, and I'd love to punish them! I don't get it -- I never interrupt unless I have to!

DMT said...

we get assholes like that, we prepare paninis and chiabattas and wraps first thing in the morning so if a customer wants one they take it from the fridge and we toast it and drop it down to them we really cant make them on the spot during a busy period because we're always understaffed (it takes 5 people to run our place most of the time we only have 3 because the bosses wont replace the ones who left and don't seem to comprehend that hospitality involves higher labor for a lower return than the other sections in the store)

A lot of the time get dicks who are in the line who wont even allow you to greet them instead they just thrust the sandwich in your face ans stare at you with a blank look of mild disdain because you had the audacity to have a line of customers when they chose to come in.

We have a system for dealing with dicks like that but I'll tell you about that another time

Babs n Bacchus said...

My favorite is when people who are waiting on the rest of their party tell you that the rest of their party has arrived when you go back to the table. Because you don't notice the extra people filling seats.

Tendingtotheleft said...

Oh I get this CONSTANTLY. I thought it was just that everyone in our town attended a special "Rudeness to Your Waitstaff" seminar, but I see the trend has gone national.

Christa said...

Ah, I get this all the time, too. My favorite table was one that interrupted me 3 times while I was introducing myself and explaining their table sauces (normally takes 1 min. to do.) The last time she interrupted me was to tell me that her son had never been there and I should explain the sauces. Seriously??