Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is there such a thing as a Ketamine pump?

I mean, if there's an insulin pump, surely something could be created for a tranquilizer. I suppose secretly attaching it to CL would be impossible, though. She's just been on a freaking rampage lately. Tonight I was having some nasal issues, namely my goddamn nose was oozing blood. It was a slow night; I had two tables. One had full drinks and was waiting for their food, and the other was waiting for her friend. I ducked into the bathroom to check on my issue, which seemed to have settled down, then came back out. The second table's friend had arrived, so I went to get her drink order. As I stood there talking to her, I felt a crack and a dribble in my nose. I think they saw the momentary panic in my face, because they gave me a weird look.

As soon as I could, I scurried away and back in to the bathroom. It took a couple of minutes before I felt like I could go out on to the floor again. But I knew someone was waiting for an iced tea, and that I had two open tables and could have gotten sat, so I was paying attention – not even one song finished while I was in the bathroom.

When I came out, the first thing I saw was CL kneeling down to tie her shoe … and ranting. “There are dirty tables all over the place, there's no ice, we're out of silverware,” she stood up and started flailing her arms around, “there's food that needs running, and you've been in the bathroom for the last seven minutes!” she pointed at me and glared.

Honestly, I just gaped at her. Five minutes, ten minutes … these are normal increments to toss out. But seven? She's timing bathroom breaks now? Or thinks she is anyway, since had I been in there for seven minutes I'm pretty sure my customer would've been bitching about her missing iced tea. I said my nose had been bleeding and I went to try to do some of the things she was panicking about (the one dirty table, the ice that I could hear someone scooping as she started ranting, the silverware that hadn't come out of the dishwasher yet, and the one plate that had already been run).


Aunty Pol said...

Oh wait..so let me see if I get this...CL would have preferred to have you accidently get blood on a customer or their order or table and run the risk of either freaked out clients or getting a visit from the health /food inspector ?

JEEBUS H on a cracker ! ! !

I hope the nose is getting better sweetie..SU gets that a lot with his sinus issues.

Waving from Houston

Pierre said...

CL needs to realize she can either sit and bitch and whine about the problem (which will further piss off staff and make them be even LESS productive), or she could just shut up for once in her miserable and work on being part of the solution. Shame she's the type of manager who would rather assign blame than manage.

Rachel said...

I agree with Pierro...it's an issue I have with a manager at my place, too. Sitting around bitching about all the problems of the moment--which everyone has noticed, anyway--doesn't make the place run more smoothly. Being part of the solution does.

Perhaps you should shop around for different restaurants? Managers like that can wear you down over time...especially if you work shift.after.shift.after.shift. with them. It takes a toll--you could either make a call to HR about her antics (I doubt even corporate goons would be impressed with her), or find a better-managed place.

JoeinVegas said...

HR would probably ignore you, sorry, most places favor management. All you can do is adjust your attitude, try laughing every time she complains, at least it would drive her crazy