Friday, July 29, 2011

Valium. Please. I'm begging you.

I was closing out a ticket tonight, and CL was sitting at the bar doing nothing, like she likes to do. In a perfectly pleasant tone of voice, she chided me, “You have a lot of dirty tables, young lady!”

Despite being irritated at her patronizing me (she's younger than my mother, she should just shitcan the 'young lady' crap), I held my tongue. I looked around. “32 just left, I'm working on 28.”

“What about 31, I bussed that ten minutes ago!”

No, she didn't. She stacked the plates up and walked away. “Isn't that clean?” I peered over and could see that some genius had stood the dessert menu up in front of the salt shaker that signifies a dirty table. “Oh.”

“You'd better get on that, I don't know why you have so many dirty tables.” She said, still fucking sitting in one place.

“Have you seen me standing around doing nothing?” I said it in my best stressed-out, planitive tone of voice, because despite only having two tables I was getting my ass run off – by other peoples' tables!

“Well! I'm sure there are other things to do!” she huffed. I just said I'd take care of them and walked away. When she cut the floor, though, she gathered everyone in the back and began to drag us all across the coals about the “sassiness toward the managers” and how she doesn't have to be nice, and she is DONE with this “sassiness”. I knew I'd triggered it, and I knew if I didn't say something it would fester like a mental boil and would be only be lanced when she found some way to shaft me. So a few minutes later, I apologized and said I didn't intend to sound that way.

“That was just the last straw!” she burst out. “I'm so tired of this! I'm 41, I have two kids, a mortgage, and I run a four-million-dollar-a-year business! I'm not here for this teenage gossipy bullshit! People think I'm sleeping with two employees, a carful of servers went to (amusement park) and spent the whole time bitching about me, and I'm just done! I'm done with it!”

I didn't even know what to say. People wouldn't think she was sleeping with employees if she didn't brag about sleeping around, obviously flirt with anything under 30 with a penis, and then bring up the rumors where everyone can hear her. The car of employees bitching has zero to do with me (although I know who it was and can't believe two of them trusted the third). And for somebody “not here for this teenage bullshit,” she's the biggest goddamn gossip in the place! Perfect example: L's Arch-Nemesis told CL in confidence that her brother has a drug problem and so she needed to make some changes to her schedule. CL helped her with the schedule …. and then went and told Dolly the whole thing! And Dolly told fucking everyone, and everyone naturally repeated it.

But she's not here for this teenage gossipy bullshit.


SkippyMom said...

What do her two kids and a mortgage have to do with the work environment? I know she needs a job to afford those things, but they are not relevant to the scheme of things. She has to know running a OMG 4 million dollar restaurant is going to entail a younger crowd of employees - nature of the biz. She needs to get over herself.

A said...

well of course the gossipy bull has nothing to do with her...i mean she couldn't not tell another person about a co-workers personal issues...on a serious note though, the car full of people i'm assuming were on their own time and not company time so if they were bitching then she can't do anything about it. people bitch about their bosses. she should take it with a grain of salt.

JoeinVegas said...

People usually bitch about their boss because there is a reason to bitch. Fix yourself first lady, gee (I can say that, I don't work there)

Rachel said...

'I'm 41, I have two kids, a mortgage, and I run a four-million-dollar-a-year business!'

So, she's lived 41 years without someone killing her, she's reproduced (a feat more disturbing than impressive, really), she pays for the place she lives in (like most Americans over 18,)and she manages a restaurant. I second SkippyMom. A woman half her age would know how pathetic a rant like that is.

If she doesn't want to be bitched about, act like a professional. Restaurant staff tend to have enough basketcases among them, that if you aren't a basketcase...they won't bitch about you.

purplegirl said...

You guys are all right on the money!