Saturday, January 14, 2012

A plateful of vomit.

I only worked one shift week before last, and I nearly walked out at the beginning of it. I'm just fucking sick to death of CL's bullshit!

I had arrived early to eat before my shift, and had already seen that CL was on one of her bloody stress kicks. Now, after my little breakdown last month, I have more sympathy for her anxiety issues. But that only extends so far, because this has been going on for fucking year and the bitch needs to go to the doctor and get a Valium pump or something.

Because I had seen her already freaking out and stomping around with smoke coming out from underneath her straw-like hair, I made extra certain that I finished my meal and was visibly working at absolute instant that clock hit 4:30. She was standing by the bar, talking to Junior and gesticulating wildly. I walked by her, in to the kitchen, and picked up some food bound for the bar. As I left the kitchen, though, something seemed to lodge in my throat. I tried to swallow past it, I tried to breathe, and I just couldn't. All that happened was I started to gag. Luckily Cali Girl was right there by the bar and I shoved the food off on her, choking and unable to speak. Then I rushed to the bathroom, clutching my mouth, running directly by CL and Junior.

Once in the bathroom I was able to clear whatever the fuck was in my throat, although not without time, coughing, and a little bit of puking. Another employee came in and saw me struggling to breathe, with my eyes watering like crazy, but I assured her I was okay, washed my hands, and walked back out on to the floor ... and right into the pissed-off path of CL. She proceeded to bitch me out -- in the dining room -- about the fact that I was in the bathroom when I "just clocked in" and how I had gotten sat and I should have gotten someone to watch my tables.

"I'm sorry, I was choking."
"Then ASK SOMEONE TO WATCH YOUR SECTION!" she screeched, pointing at the table I had been sat.
"I couldn't talk! Ask Cali Girl if you want, I was almost throwing up!"
Bitch didn't care. She continued to bitch at me about it. The table I got sat, by the way, were two regular customers who would have been totally fine had they been sitting there the entire five minutes I had been in the bathroom. They were not in the least upset. The only one bothered was CL. I was so fucking infuriated, my hands went to the back of my apron to untie it, and I don't know how in god's name I managed not to drop my apron at her feet and walk the fuck out.

Next time, I'll just go ahead and puke on somebody's food so I'm not "in the bathroom when you just clocked in!"


SkippyMom said...

No. Make a beeline for her and barf on her feet. You can't help it. Hope it isn't anything serious.

Serving Up An Attitude said...

SkippyMom is right. You should puke on her, then get right back to work, being on the clock and all. Don't do anything stupid like spend 5 minutes trying to discreetly dislodge something from your airways when your being paid two fifty an hour to do a job, you bum.

Seriously, though, that is the kind of thing you can take to human resources, and they would HAVE to act on.

Anonymous said...

That job is making you sick. Just leave it and set yourself free from all that bullshit!

Just the Messenger said...

Dude, that's bullshit. Like Steven said, that place is making you sick. :( Can we say "Human Resources"? Make those bitches work. :)

DMT said...

I told you about that a prick who was just like CL that caused my Mother to have a stress induced breakdown that put her out of work. Please please please do yourself a huge favour and find another restaurant before that place destroys you. Nobody deserves to go through this kind of stuff. At the very least take a stand and tell CL to leave her personal problems at the door and to stop taking them out on you because whether or not she knows it, it is counted as a form of bullying!

purplegirl said...

I like the suggestion of just puking on her feet! :) I have this other job, I'm hardly ever at that hellhole anymore. Once I get settled into my new job and get caught up on my bills, I'm soooo done.

Going to HR wouldn't do anything though. I don't know whose dick she's sucking, but no amount of employee or customer complaints dislodges the bitch.

DMT said...

Glad to hear it. Once you're on your way out you may as well burn your bridges. Tell CL she is a cunt, ridicule her for her childish and narcissistic behavior, and tell her to take a night course in, I don't know, MANAGEMENT?

Anonymous said...

You need to enjoy your 40 hour a week job and tell the CL and the rest to fuck themselves, sit a at table and get served.

You paid your dues, had a breakdown and are now back at it. STOP!!!