Thursday, June 14, 2012

People are just goddamn ridiculous.

I haven't had any crazy extreme calls lately. It's been an endless stream of minor, crazy crap:

 "Your technician was supposed to be here by noon, but he didn't get here until 12:02! How are you going to compensate me for my time?"
(Thirty minute call.)

"I don't have your service but I heard you're getting rid of channel X. I just want you to know that's terrible!"
(Fucking idiot.)

"I've had your service for six years! I don't understand why I should still have to pay for it!"
(Double fucking idiot)

"I called to cancel my account six months ago. Why am I still getting bills? Well how should I have known it wasn't cancelled? Just because I was getting a bill!"
(The notes said he called, yelled "Cancel my account!" and hung up. Then didn't answer when we tried to call back. And without verifying who we were talking to, of course we couldn't cancel the fucking account.)

"We didn't add that there HBO and Cinemax. We saw it on the bill but we just thought it was a mistake and you'd fix it. You're just trying to take advantage of us because we're senior citizens!"
(Those channels just HAPPENED to be added the same day they called about something else.)

"I'm not paying the contract termination fee. I told you at the start that I'd sign it but I wasn't paying any termination fee!"
(Sound thinking, there.)

"I'm supposed to mail my equipment back? You won't come get it? Tell you what, ma'am, I'm throwing your fucking shit in the fucking garbage!"
(Good job. Then you'll be charged for the equipment.)

It's burning me out, faster than any restaurant ever has, truthfully. Twerp is turning out to be an okay guy -- 22 with a wife and four kids, which makes me feel very sorry for him -- but I think just a little socially awkward. I think he means to be funny most of the time. His boss is still kind of a dick. Oh well. Life rolls on!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for someone with FOUR kids at 22. Poor family planning, something that should be learned well before 22 years of age.

Wordchazer said...

Oh my life, that's a dangerous weapon he has there...obviously not old enough to be in charge of it either!

Friend of mine is just leaving call center work and he has had some tales over the last few years, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You are my long lost sister in Customer Service Purgatory! I work in a call center, too, and can totally relate to your blog! So glad I found you!

Sarah said...

I worked at a call center. For about a month. I give you props because I couldn't do it. After being hit on by old men, being told daily that I was going to get killed/shot/stalked/chopped up into little pieces/etc., and dealing with a perverted boss, I decided to find another occupation. ;p I do have some funny stories from my call center days though. Love your blog! :)