Saturday, July 12, 2014

Things I forgot.

  • Accent Girl rolls her silverware crazy weird. I can't even figure out what she does, but it's all lumpy and weird.
  • When Lapdog gets stressed, he fixates on little things. The place can be going to hell and he'll suddenly go on a rampage about why there isn't a bucket of sanitizer out so servers can polish silverware if they have a spare moment.
  • How walking might make you more hot overall, but dear god the breeze it creates is wonderful when you're all damp and sweaty.
  • That Bug's laugh is still completely fucking annoying.
  • The way plates can feel fine when you pick them up, but by the time you get to the table you don't have fingerprints anymore.
  • Just how much goddamn salad dressing people can eat.
  • Bissels suck. 
  • That hostesses seem to be universally brainless once they clock in.
  • How my pillow smells disgusting in the morning if I'm too tired/lazy to shower before bed - actually, it's even worse now because it's a combination of restaurant and pizza.
  • On that note, how my skin feels juuuuuuust slightly sticky until I take a very long, very hot shower.
  • Swamp ass. 'Nuff said.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Accent girl's a twit..i've been called out on it mainly because i married a foreign fella that wasn't a mexican, and when you talk only to him and his friends for 6-100000 weeks on end, it rubs happens, maybe she's just..finding herself?

Lapdogs desperate to prove he can "follow procedure." he's just not cut out for it. tough tits dude

Gloves..gloves for plates...we may or may not..wait nope..not gonna need fingertips in the future..can get awat with more without 'em

FFS even if you fall asleep in the shower, take one..gross. It will clearyour pores, your mind, relax you...and you won't wake up smelling like stale cheesestix.

xoxo, long time reader