Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just shut up already!

I had a table today of parents and two kids. When I walked up to get their drink order, the mother, who looked about 25, was talking and talking and talking. And talking some more. She would not shut up. She finally looks at me and orders a drink mid-sentence, then continues talking. The dad ordered a beer and then completely turned his back on me to pay attention to her. This left their two daughters, one who was about six and the other about ten.

So I asked the ten year old what she wants to drink, and she says "A oreo sundae!" I smiled and said, "Okay, what do you want to drink, honey?" "A oreo sundae!" Of course, her parents aren't paying attention, so I have to try to deal with this. "Do you mean a shake?" "No!" "Are you sure you want a sundae to drink, not a shake?" "Yes! I'm sure!"

I took her water.


banquet manager said...

Sounds like the usual screwed-up start to a new year.

purplegirl said...

Yeah. Hopefully not indicative of the year to come ... but probably is.