Friday, January 2, 2009


The GM at my restaurant is a nice woman. She's generally fair to people, she rarely freaks out and loses her temper, and in general I think she's probably the best boss I've had. But sometimes she fixates on things and drives everybody crazy. Tonight, her thing was apparently drink refills.

My (three table) section was right outside the kitchen, and at one point I was emptying dishes while telling the host a story. GM comes around the corner and asks if I'm getting 30 drink refills. They had two friends standing at the end of the table, effectively blocking the view, talking with them. So I wasn't bothering them. Their glasses weren't empty, and they were almost done with their food anyway. So I told the GM I'd take care of it, and continued telling the host the story as we walked out of the kitchen.

When we got out the doors, the table's friends were still there chatting, but seemed to be saying goodbye. So I spent another fifteen seconds wrapping up my story ... at which point the GM comes around the corner and snaps, "What are they drinking? I'll get it if you don't WANT to or something."

I was in earshot of the customers, so I walked toward her to answer and she started into the kitchen. I followed her telling her a) their plates were almost empty so I was going to ask first, b) I didn't remember and was looking at them to job my memory c) their friends were almost gone and I was waiting. She still acted a little huffy, but mostly just said "Okay, okay" a lot.

Seriously, what the hell? I'm not the strongest server in the place; there are a couple women who've worked there for nine or ten years and seem to never, ever, ever fuck up. But I'm far from the bottom of the pile, too. In the time I've worked here, I've yet to have a complaint. In the three years I was at another location, I had two complaints and one was wholly unjustified. The other one I don't remember the details, just that I really did screw up badly.

So why is she assuming that I'm not paying attention or something? Yes, I was talking to a coworker, but I had just passed by that table. I only had two tables anyway! It just gets under my skin when people assume I'm not doing my job--and then to get snippy about it when I was standing three feet from the table, clearly waiting for their friends to get the fuck out of my way.

And when their friends did leave, and I asked if they wanted refills? "Oh no, we're about to float away!" No surprise since they'd all had about four refills apiece already! But their glasses weren't spilling over, so obviously I was slacking off.


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