Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, fuck.

I was in a good mood. Then I walked in to four managers and a regional manager wandering around and causing everyone stress.

And then I got told to smile more.
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jacque said...

gotta love upper management corporate people! always making middle management jump through hoops! of course they could careless about us "little" people, which always makes me happy! and besides if management would just do their jobs right in the first place they shouldn't worry about their bosses coming in! that i'll never understand!

Steven Nicolle said...

Things always get a bit tense when big corportate managers start walking around.

banquet manager said...

Remember the song: "Smile though your heart is breaking"? When I was a itty-bitty waiter, I was told that we're all on stage. Easier said than done!

purplegirl said...

Jacque--you're totally right, if things were done right they wouldn't worry. And the thing is, things ARE done right, so I don't know why everyone gets so damn panicky!

Waiter E--I used to be a manager, so I totally get that part of it. The thing about this regional guy is that he's at our store every couple of weeks. Has been for the last six years at least (because I remember him from when I worked here previously). You'd think they'd get over it by now! :)

Banquet Manager--yeah, they tell us that too. In fact, we're having another asscrackofdawn meeting next week where they remind us of that kind of bullshit. Here's hoping I don't lose my temper and tell them to blow it out their asses.

Oh, and at the end of the night? Dropped my Blackberry in a toilet.

jacque said...

how sad for your blackberry. i cried a little bit for it/you! :)