Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, the stupid.

I love people who can't seem to process how credit cards work. My final table tonight was two women, who had lingered for about an hour and a half over two cocktails. They finally asked for separate checks, so I dropped them off. One handed me cash and said she didn't need change; the other had a hold on her credit card but didn't give it to me. I stayed within about ten feet, and three minutes later she started flapping her hands at me.

"There's nowhere on here to sign!" she says, and thrusts the ticket in to my face.
I looked at her credit card, still clenched in her hand. "Right, you never gave me your credit card."
(blank stare)
"That's just the ticket," I try.
"Oh, so I just give you the ticket?" she jams it in my face again and starts putting her credit card away.
"No, I need your credit card, you never gave it to me."
(blank stare, still clutching card)
"There's nowhere to sign."



Masquerade said...

And totally unrelated to this post...

I hope you can understand and help...

WHAT do you do with all the blisters on your bum? O_O I guess it's Chef's Arse or something?

purplegirl said...

You know, I haven't actually had a problem with that--I get them on the inside of my legs, and for that I use Monistat Soothing Care.

Steven Nicolle said...

As to the credit card thing.Stupidity at it's greatest.

Bev Rage said...

Hey Purple! Just discovered your blog and I love it, especially the pretty girly purple swirls. Been out of the industry for a few years, but this is bringing it allll back! Been reading and LOLing for hours.
Why do people who seem educated and gainfully employed completely lose all semblance of intelligence when they walk into a restaurant? There should be a term for this phenomenom....Customer Brain? Menu Induced Short Term Cognitive Ability Lapse? ( or MISTCAL)...