Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A story from a coworker.

So a coworker of mine was having a really bad day yesterday. Right before work, she found out that one of her dogs has a large tumor and probably has to be put down. But she has to pay rent, so she couldn't afford to take the night off. She was doing the best she could considering she felt like she couldn't focus; she'd also been given the station furthest away from the kitchen, which is always a pain in the ass.

So last night, L picks up a credit card at the table the absolutely farthest from the kitchen, which requires walking around the entire restaurant to get to. The lady asks for a box, so L winds her way around the perimeter of the restaurant, dodging other customers and co-workers. She drops some plates off in the dish area, runs the woman's credit card, gets her box, and heads back to the table. It takes four or five minutes, and this is at the tail end of the dinner rush, so the place is still full.

When L gets back to the table, the woman grabs the box out of her hand and snaps, "I was about to leave with the plate, that took you so long!"

L handled it very well; she didn't let it get to her. I probably would have let myself burst into tears, sobbed about my dog, and done my level best to make the woman feel like a total asshole.


Steven Nicolle said...

The abuse one takes trying to be of service to others is deplorable...

Food Service Ninja said...

Just have her mention next time you would delighted to assist her in that situation by calling the cops when she decides to leave with the plate. Then smile big!