Monday, March 16, 2009

Time for me to get a new job, or for you to STFU?

So I've written before about my boss being the drink nazi. Well, today she took it to a new level. Someone was pouring a drink, and she informed us that we're no longer ALLOWED to put the drink in first, and then the ice. A lot of us do it that way, because the water tends to spray all over us if the glass is full of ice. But we're no longer ALLOWED to--and she says this came from the district manager. I don't know if I believe that; I think it's just her personal thing.

Anyway, she laid down the law about this, and I asked why. I very carefully was not snotty or sarcastic; I just asked why. She said we're not getting enough ice in the glasses, we need to fill them ALL THE WAY UP with ice and then the drink. I just nodded. She started saying something to someone else, so I walked away to see if I had a table, and shook my head a bit. I hadn't said anything, because I didn't want to deal with her rants.

But she followed me to the end of the kitchen and was incredibly snappish and bitchy--in fact, it made me cry. I don't remember all the wording, but basically she said "Maybe you need to go work somewhere else, since you're so frustrated with everything. We go through this with you any time there's something new."

I have no idea what she was talking about; I was frustrated at that (and had not expressed it) and about one other stupid, corporate-wide thing--and I said very little about that. But I don't like being attacked out of the blue, and I spoke before I thought and said I don't understand why the district manager (if it even was him) is worried about something that doesn't matter when there are more important things. Oh, god. "Drinks full of ice are important! (Other random stuff about maybe I should go work somewhere else)."

I was just so taken aback. Are you fucking kidding me? So I'm not allowed to have an opinion--even if I don't express it? I don't even remember what she said next, or what I said; I had a table and I walked over to greet them, feeling tears welling up because I cry when I'm angry (and I was tired, and it was first thing in the morning, and just WHAM right upside the head with this). I got their order, and then I went into the bathroom and oozed tears for a while.

The fact is, I'm a good employee. Yeah, I'm habitually five minutes late, and yes, I screw things up occasionally. I'm not claiming to be perfect; but I get more compliments than complaints, I could work any position they need me to, I help my coworkers. But since I don't always keep my opinions to myself, I guess I need to go work somewhere else.

Or she can just get over herself.

(Incidentally, all my customers were just fine today!)


Anonymous said...

If you want to leave - do so. Just make sure you have another job first. I know you are frustrated- but being broke would be more frustrating than having a jerk for a boss!

Good Luck!

jacque said...

My opinionated bitchy self would ask her if she wanted me to find another job! And of course in the bitchest way possible apologize for having an opinion!

jacque said...

Oh yea what is STFU?

Steven Nicolle said...

I am beginning to wonder if employers thing good employees grow on freakin' trees. Obviously they do.It is probably a cost cutting measure- more ice - less liquid used. It is not really for the guest.

P. F. Blogger said...

That's stupid. I feel your pain on the whole agro manager thing though...

purplegirl said...

Anonymous--you're very right, being broke would suck more. Which is why I didn't leave when she flipped out on me!

Jacque--Yeah, that's exactly what was going through my mind. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I have zero savings and can't afford to be unemployed for any length of time. I opened my mouth, and caution prevailed. But if this had happened when I just got a bunch of financial aid money from school, I think it would've been a very different conversation!

Also, STFU=shut the fuck up. :)

WE--With the economy as shitty as it is, they could definitely find a warm body to fill my spot. Might as well grow on trees. :) She says the ice thing isn't about cutting cost but about "guest perception" of getting a frosty beverage, but I'm 99.9% sure at the corporate level it's cost-cutting bullshit. :) I actually don't fill glasses to the top with ice unless she's standing there staring at me, because I get more complaints when I do!

BizTone--Maybe my manager was just having a "warm flash". ;)

Food Service Ninja said...

my solution to the spraying water issue--->recently coworker broke the plastic lever to get water from the drink machine and the water tap to the side of it has way too much pressure on it. Fill glasses with 8ice then use tap to fill a pitcher then you can rapid pour the water into your glasses. I get about 6-7 glasses filled per pitcher.

purplegirl said...

Yeah, we talked about doing that; but the pitchers don't fit under the spigots and we're not "allowed" to use the tap on the sink because it doesn't have an extra filter, or something. I think it's all a control issue. :)