Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lithium might be your friend.

So tonight at work I was filling a bucket of ice, when my manager and a girl I'm friendly with, Anna, walked by. I sort of waved the big ice scoop at Anna, who said something like, "ooh, scary ice scoop". So I scooped up a few ice cubes and went to toss them at her. Unfortunately, my boss turned around right then and got hit right in the face with ice.

This is the same boss I wrote about yesterday, who bit my head off (completely without cause, I think). So you can imagine, I thought I was dead.

Oh, no. She laughed. She thought it was hilarious. She even joked about I probably wanted to do it anyway. And laughed when I pushed my luck and said I'd never say such a thing. She was totally fine.

So let me get this straight ... she jumps down my throat for keeping my opinions to myself, and laughs when she gets a face full of ice?



K.H. said...

Bipolar, anyone?

Steven Nicolle said...

At least she didn't rip you up but it makes for a roller coaster up and down stay under that manager.

jacque said...

Sounds like she's a barrel full of monkeys to work for! Wow!

banquet manager said...

Scitzo boss you have.

purplegirl said...

Yeah, you never know what you'll get with her. When the manager who was most fun left, I thought the worst of it would be getting the uptight, used-to-cook-for-Hollywood-chef manager around more. Turns out it's the GM that's the worst part!