Monday, May 18, 2009

More guest perception bullshit.

So when I got to work not too long after posting my last entry, we had another piece of paper stuck up on our bulletin board. It was a print-out of the guest comment I mentioned, which says, verbatim, "our waitress was more interested in holding up the bar than seeing if we were ok". Not "the staff", not "the servers", not "people". "OUR waitress". One specific person.

But written in pink marker by our general manager (not the one who was going around talking to people about it yesterday), was the following:

"Ummmm .... I told you so!

Seriously? What are you, twelve?

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jacque said...

Ha! That's funny! Hate those fucking surveys btw! Why does is it all or nothing? I don't get that shit! Managers have actually been telling the guests that, isn't that cheating?