Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two decent nights in a row? I must be dreaming!

I've had two really nice nights at work. They haven't been overly profitable--only $40 each shift--but I can live with that on a slow night, in exchange for high percentage tips and nice customers on a first cut shift. Although my sales have been low, my tip percentage has been higher than 20% after cashing out my dinner ticket under my own name, and I have had zero complaints. Amazing!

Well, alright, there was the one woman who ordered a ribeye and then complained that it was too fatty. But she wasn't a bitch about it! The manager and I both talked to her, and suggested that next time she order the New York strip as it's a leaner cut of meat. She didn't demand a new meal, nor ask for it to be comped. And I got a 22% tip from that table. I had expected much, much less from them, considering the first thing they tried to do when I walked up was order a half-priced appetizer when that special wasn't available for another two hours, and the flyer they were reading said so. It was nice to be surprised.

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G.H. said...

Don't you love that with the Ribeye, or Prime Rib. Have people never eaten this before? Seriously, they are so fatty, I guess I just think everyone should know that.