Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do you know where you are?

I had a table of two last night, a couple who were quite elderly. When I first greeted them, the man launched right in to ordering. Or trying to.

"We're here for your new salad I had on Friday!"
That sort of stopped me in my tracks, seeing as we don't have one.
His wife told me that he'd insisted them come here because she just had to try this new delicious salad. I asked if it was a the newest salad we have, even though it's been on the menu for about two months.
"No! It's the one you just started on Friday!"
I asked him a few questions, such as did it have chicken or shrimp. He couldn't remember. He didn't know what sort of dressing came on it. He couldn't remember anything about it, except that it was new.
"Did it come with cornbread?"
"Yeah! That's the one! We want two of those!" He ordered a drink, too, and then continued going on and on about how it was the brand new salad. I repeated the thing about cornbread, but this time I got "No! It didn't have corn bread!"

Back to the drawing board. I wanted to ask if he was sure he'd been at my restaurant, especially when he started saying it had onion rings on it. We have no salads with onion rings. We don't have any salads with fried onions. The only thing I could think of was a salad that has large pieces of raw red onion on it. As soon as I described it, he decided that salad was what he was after--"Yeah! That's it! The new one!"

That particular salad has been on our menu for about three years now.


Steven Nicolle said...

Oh man what a bonehead. Maybe he was reliving that movie back to the future.

BB said...

So basically he was assuming that were part server part psychic. And onion rings on a salad.. hmmm I think that contradicts the healthy image thay goes along with it.