Sunday, November 29, 2009

Again with this shit?

What is it with people and their impatience? I had a table tonight of two women; one of them I recognized, and I already knew my tip was going to suck--she's just a cheap bitch. She and her friend had an appetizer, and two burgers, and two high-end margaritas. Then they switched to a sangria drink. They each had one, and then at the end of the meal, Bitch's friend asked for another and their check. I rang the drink in immediately--no stops--and dropped the check off right after since they'd asked for it.

This was the middle of the dinner rush; we'd been on a wait for an hour, and the lobby was still packed. The bar didn't have any empty seats; the place was so noisy you couldn't even hear in the music. We were rockin' and there's no way anyone couldn't notice it.

As the bartender was finishing up Bitch's Friend's sangria, another server came up to me. Apparently, the two hags had stopped her and told her "Fuck the drink, it's taking too goddamn long." I already had the drink in my hand at that point, so I went to talk to them--after reaching over the computer to run a detail report and check the timing. They said they needed to leave and just wanted it taken off. If they were thinking I'd leave the drink anyway, they were so wrong. I took it with me and modified their check. They left me three dollars in quarters on their fifty dollar check.

The time their mixed wine drink took, in a packed Saturday night restaurant with a bartender getting buried? Five fucking minutes.


Lauren said...

Do you work at an Applebees? I swear to God you describe my workplace in many posts.

purplegirl said...

LOL I have worked at Applebee's in the past!

BB said...

I want to guess your restaurant too, but I'll keep it to myself in case I guess right :)

Who orders an expensive drink when they don't have time to drink it?? I mean was she planning on CHUGGING it?? How classy.

purplegirl said...

BB, if you want to you can email your guess to slightlycranky at hotmail and I'll tell you if you're right. :)

After thinking about it more, I've come to the conclusion they didn't have enough money to pay their bill and that's why they decided to throw a fit about the drink. Would explain the rooting around in their change purses after looking at their bill. Dumbasses.

Ribeye of your Dreams said...

This is just one of the many reasons people who order sangrias should be smoten from the planet.

I have to ask, were these younger or middle aged girls? Also, are the prices of drinks listed in the menu, because it could have been worse - they could have questioned you about the prices of each and every drink until you wanted them slain.

THE Raging Server

purplegirl said...

Hey, I order sangrias! :)

They were early thirties; our prices aren't listed, but they also are regular enough customers to know roughly what our prices are. They're just cunts.