Sunday, November 22, 2009

And the light finally dawns.

Chicken Little doesn't usually work Friday nights; in fact, she usually doesn't work nights at all. Maybe two or three times a month she'll work an evening shift. One of the privileges of rank, I suppose. But this week, Pot Smoking Manager is on vacation, so we had CL last night.

When I walked in at five thirty, the place was a madhouse. Every table was full; the lobby was full; the expo line was overflowing with food; everyone was panicking. Except CL, oddly, who was apparently on her meds so she was just going with the flow. A few minutes after I got there, CL looked around the restaurant, the looked at me and said, "Maybe we shouldn't schedule people at 5:30 anymore. This is crazy! I'll have to look in to that."

Now, somebody's been saying that for a few months now. Who was it? I can't quite remember. Oh, that's right--it was me.


SkippyMom said...

Nice to see you this morning! I had to laugh [about her meds crack] but yeah, she should look into that 5:30 thing.

The burning question tho' - did it stay busy? How was the night?

purplegirl said...

It wasn't too terrible! I was surprised.