Sunday, November 22, 2009


The past two nights at work have really been great. Good money, nice customers, managers not flipping out, fun with coworkers. Also, not caring really seems to work for me. When I put all my focus on my tables, and really try to be cheerful and friendly, it seems like I get bitch-slapped with the ten percent tip.

The last two nights, I've just sort of drifted along. I've gotten people their stuff, I've smiled and chatted when a subject presented itself. But I've not been too solicitous, and have had a weird sort of nonchalant attitude. When I look back over the last two nights, the memory seems to be all glossy and smooth, nothing sticking out. It's an odd emotional state--almost a nothingness, really. When I got pulled over last night for speeding, I wasn't even phased. (I didn't get a ticket--luckily the nice cop believed me when I said that my speedometer must be off. Which reminds me I need to call my dad and have him look at that.)

I hope I can maintain that attitude for a while, since it seems to be really working for me. I've made bank the last two nights.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

It's good for your blood pressure too. Nice of that cop to not add a speeding fine to your already, overburdened financial situation.
There is a God.
or maybe I can't say that on a blog ;)

purplegirl said...

You can say whatever you want, I'm not in to censorship. :)