Friday, November 6, 2009


Friday night second cut, and after tipping the bartender I'll be leaving with a whole $36. Not because my tables were bad to me, except one I'll write about later. It's because the stupid fucking manager scheduled me to come in at 5:30, so my station was full, and those people didn't leave for an hour or better, so I only had 9 tables total tonight. I've talked to them about this, but they just fucking persist in doing it. I'm about ready to tell them to just take me off Friday nights. It's not worth it.

Especially since I'm still here and it's 11 o'clock.
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ETA: Waiter Extrordinaire pointed out that works out to $4/table; I forgot to mention I have five tables that gave me the "Oh, we're just going to share an appetizer!" bullshit. So my percentage was great, it was just the total sucked balls.

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Steven Nicolle said...

9 tables and $36 after tip out works out to $4 a table on a Friday night and to put up with that nonsense , I don't know maybe working somewhere else Friday nights may be an option. Sorry to hear about that.