Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last year, I was the only person at work who wasn't dressed up, or at least in seasonal colors. This year, I actually did dress up--although I almost didn't, until I remembered that I'd bought a clearance costume last year! The official name of it is "Malice In Wonderland", but after I put it on I realized it looked a lot like a maid outfit. So I put on red lipstick, dark purple eyeshadow, and really heavy black mascara. I did my hair in sort of poofy layers with a headband I happened to have that matches the tights, and I wore a pair of earrings that are sparkly and heart-shaped with a skull and crossbone pattern. I thought it came together rather well, actually! At work my regular apron covered the goofy little white flappy thing--but I spent the entire night worrying about bending over, because the bottom several inches of the skirt are lacey trim, and I didn't think anybody wanted to see my checkered ass.

My coworkers all loved it, but I think I had some people tonight who didn't appreciate my costume--I can't figure any other reason they'd stiff me. They looked at me weird the entire time they were there--or rather didn't look at me, as if I offended their eyes. Maybe they thought I was showing too much boob? I don't know. But they left me a dollar on $40. Then I had teenagers that left me 20 cents on $23--bastards. I got four tips tonight that were less than ten percent--and my last table came in fifteen minutes before close, after we hadn't had anybody in an hour and a half. Grr! Oh well. Income-wise, tonight's shift was a bit of a letdown, but at least I had fun.


SkippyMom said...

I think the dress covers you just fine - it is really cute. I especially like the tights.

Sorry tonight sucked - I don't know what it is with people sometimes.

purplegirl said...

It didn't really suck more than any other night, I think my mood was influenced too much by the uncomfortable qualities of my costume. :)

Steven Nicolle said...

Nice costume! Halloween kinda brings out the real cheapos. Not busy either.