Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's review.

Since I have some customers who seem to be confused.

This a plate of food:

And this is a live snake:

For one of these, it is entirely appropriate to recoil from the table in disgust, staring with huge wide eyes at what has been brought to you, as if at any moment it will rise up and strike you in the face.

Hint: it's not the goddamn chicken.


SkippyMom said...

Laughing my a** off - that is a great visual.

If I am not mistaken - don't you work at a chain. How can the food be anywhere near offensive. Didn't they realize what they ordered. Jeesh.

I have had rattlesnake before in a restaurant and it is pretty tasty - although it wasn't going to jump up and attack.

fuckmytable said...

That was fucking hilarious.

I hate it when tables do that shit. I'm like, this is what you ordered so USE YOUR WORDS if something is wrong. If you can't use words and choose to use facial expressions, I'm going to ignore you.

purplegirl said...

Oh, and my dad once served my grandmother and I bear and rattlesnake stew!

purplegirl said...

The weird thing is that it doesn't even seem to be people who see something wrong with their food -- they just stare at the plate at if they've never heard of food before! Dumbasses.

Writer Revisor said...

Bahaha! So true!

Rattlesnake stew? That sounds interesting. Tasty?

Sydney Hanks said...

Let me guess... "The grren beans were touching the rice" and they need it separate or they can't read at all and so were playing russian food roulette... and "can't eat chicken" or are "allergic to rice" even though that's clearly what they ordered!
Customers are special..

Anonymous said...

Not to say that I would recoil in disgust, but that not a particularly appetizing restaurant presentation. If it was my first time to the restaurant and that was what I was served, I'm sure the server would see at least disappointment on my face. That much food should definitely be more spread out on a larger plate, and it's not that uncommon to prefer to your food not to touch. Often when ordering you don't know what the vegetable is, and if someone doesn't like green beans, it sucks to have them mixed in with your chicken and potatoes.

purplegirl said...

The bear/rattlesnake stew was interesting! Not sure I'd want it again.

Sydney, it's rare that these kinds of people even tell me there's anything wrong with their food -- it's like they're just so startled it's there they don't know what to do with themselves!

Anonymous, I agree that's not the best plate presentation. Just a random picture I pulled off the internet. :)

yellowcat said...

I have people look at me like I'm the live snake. I always want to ask who the hell they were expecting. Sorry you didn't get the cheerleader. It gets old.

Under Cover said...


I would like to link to you in a post in the next few days... :-)