Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I hate football.

(This was actually posted a day late, was about Monday night football.)

I was cut an hour ago, maybe more. I still have two tables, sitting watching the game and preventing me from cleaning under three of my tables (because of the arrangement of the booths versus tables). I want to scream at both of them that we're not a sports bar and maybe they should leave. But of course I won't.

Fucking football.
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Clairification: When I wrote that, my other three tables had just left. The last two hadn't paid, and I hadn't had enough tables that night to justify dumping two of them off. So I did the rest of my sidework and I ate while I waited for them to leave. I just wrote at work on my phone while angry and didn't fully explain.


P. F. Blogger said...

Dude, were you the closing server? At our place, if you get cut (phased) from the floor, the other server covers jobs you can't do, due to lingering customers. Is this not the case at your place?

purplegirl said...

They hadn't paid yet either, and I hadn't had enough tables to just give them up. Of course, one of them sat there for three fucking hours and left a dollar. But I got my sidework done and ate my dinner while I was waiting, so it was okay.

HG Brit said...

At my restaurant, we can either transfer the leftovers to another waitress, or cash them out and politely tell them they can start a new tab with a new waitress if they need anything else. I would never be there that late after getting cut.

Steven Nicolle said...

That is pretty hard to take.