Saturday, December 19, 2009

Listen up, you cheap fucks.

I don't care if you had a $25 gift card. Your bill was still $52. A three dollar tip is not fucking adequate. Next time just stay home, I don't want to see your miserly goddamn faces again.

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pixienighingale said...

*does math*

okay, even on the twenty two they would have paid out of pocket, that's like... twelve percent or something. Meaning it's like six percent overall.

Not cool.

Not cool.

BB said...

holy hell. that sucks. hope your night gets better!

teleburst said...

That's why I always write the original amount right above the printed total, both on the check that I present and on both credit card slips. I can't help think that it helps sometimes. Sometimes people just space out and see the total on the check and the credit card slip. This helps remind them of the original total.

And if my management or guest accuses me of trying to prompt a tip? I have a ready answer and that's "I have some people ask me what the original total is, so I always just write it on the check so that they don't have to ask".

So far, nobody has ever said anything, and more often than not, I get tipped on the original amount.

purplegirl said...

Pixie, you're right, it sucked either way. :)

BB, thanks. It sorta did!

Teleburst, I do that too, so this jackass had NO excuse. :)

SkippyMom said...

Your titles just make me laugh out loud. Thanks for that, but I am really sorry.

I always hate people that tip on the final price on of a BOGO lobster or prime rib dinner. How bad did you run my ass off for drawn butter or horseradish? Or water refills you cheap losers? It drove me nuts and the managers kept running the coupons so we would get repeat business after the coupon exeperience. They NEVER come back.

purplegirl said...

You're right, those are the people who never come back ... until the next coupon! They do the business no good at all.