Sunday, December 20, 2009

Surely my ears deceive me!

A couple of days ago I had a younger couple who ordered steaks. They'd been sorta snotty the entire time, but when things became a problem was when I forgot to ring in the sauteed mushrooms for her steak. I realized it before their food was ready, and I rang in a secondary modification. I saw Idiot Expo pick up the ticket and look at it, then set it on his "pending" rack. I still planned on being back there to remind him, but then somebody else needed help with something and away I went.

So I see their food go out; right away I notice the lack of mushrooms. "I knew they'd forget those," I said with an aw-shucks smile. "I'll be back in a minute!" They didn't seem too bothered. Mrs. Vomit-Worthy had delivered their food and she snipped at me that it wasn't on the ticket. I loved shutting her down by telling her it was a secondary mod, because she loves to call people on that sort of thing.

I go back to the kitchen; Idiot Expo apologizes and says the mushrooms are on the grill. A minute or so passes, and Lapdog comes storming in to the kitchen. Without looking at me, he yells at Idiot Expo about the mushrooms. Idiot Expo protests that they were a secondary mod--and right away Lapdog starts giving me the evil eye and grumping and muttering.

"It was still rung in before the food was ready," I told him flatly, and ignored his bitching. Then I delivered the mushrooms--and the girl got snippy about "don't these come with gravy." Whatever. They said they were fine, and acted happy, but apparently only 5% tip happy. But they cleared out and that was great--the two of them were taking up a six seater booth.

About half an hour later, Lapdog comes up to me and says out of the blue, "It was mostly the way the guy approached me, he snapped and said 'could you maybe figure out where her mushrooms are?' Sorry, I didn't mean to come at you like that."

I think I was frozen in shock for a minute, honestly. Lapdog apologized? Really? And for something that was comparatively little? I didn't even know what to do with myself!


Steven Nicolle said...

Hey it must be Christmas time , eh! That is nice.

purplegirl said...

That's exactly what I thought!

SkippyMom said...

5%? Not having mushrooms [or having them a bit behind] made her meal that less satisfactory? PUHLEESE, life is too short to bitch about mushrooms.

Glad LD was decent to you in the end. As W/E said - "Must be Christmas time." LOL

purplegirl said...

Life is too short to bitch about most of the things customers bitch about! :)