Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caramel-kiwi-coconut lemonade

I got a table of 25 teenagers Friday night--I was about ready to scream. When I say "table", I mean they were taking up all the booths on one half of the restaurant. They trickled in, two and three at a time, not an adult in sight. I was livid--I was a closer, but hadn't been getting any tables for half an hour because they'd called to say they were coming. I tried to hide it, because there's no excuse for being rude even to snot-nosed noisy-ass rude little punks. Right?

As more of them arrived, though, I started to recognize a few of them, and was less pissed. I'd originally thought I was about to have a section full of screeching cheerleader types, but it turned out to be a bunch of theater kids. I have a soft spot for theater geeks, because my cousins are in theater; I probably should have been but was too shy. Anyway, I was less cranky then. I got all their names to go with their tickets, so by the end of the night I could get their attention if I needed to. They actually ended up being my favorite table that night.

I started to joke around with them a bit; one asked if he could pull a chair over to a booth, so I told him absolutely not. He pouted and said I'd have to throw him out, so I grabbed his jacket and pretended to haul him toward the door.

Another kid, at the other end of the section, was drinking lemonade. He asked if he could try all the flavors; I didn't think he'd make it through of them, but he did. So I said I'd try to make a peach flavored one. But when I got behind the bar to get the orange syrup, I saw a couple other interesting bottles and decided to play a joke instead. I gave him a lemonade doused with caramel, coconut, and kiwi flavored syrups. It smelled horrid, like rum or something.

Of course, I didn't tell him what it was, just said it was an experimental flavor. His face was priceless.


♥ Caz said...

I love this.
I think its so funny that the customers that come in that you thought were going to cause the worst night ever turn out to be pretty okay.

Glad you had fun with them in the end.
Also goes to show teenagers will eat/drink anything even if it smells terrible. :)

"I tried to hide it, because there's no excuse for being rude even to snot-nosed noisy-ass rude little punks. Right?"

So true and pretty much a way waitress has to be...

SkippyMom said...

I love that you took lemons and made lemonade [I am funny, right? NOT...giggle]

Sounds like a fun night - I was a theatre geek too and we had the best time going out after rehearsals etc.

Thanks for being so cool. :D

megaphon said...

I love this post. I'm working in the theatre-business, too, and I'm really happy those teens behaved!

Grown-up theatre people can be pretty nervewrecking, I have to admit! I have waited on my theatre colleagues at my waitress job (I have three jobs). They're a large group, loud and self-centered. On the other hand, they're fun and friendly.
When we go out after a show I always wonder what the waiters think of us. Especially when I'm with the ballet... they're the worst! :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

It seems that most wait staff are creatives of one sort or another and like the fast cash and flexibility of restaurant work, which is damned hard work!

purplegirl said...

Caz, I really don't know how he got past the smell! :)

Skippymom, you're hi-larious. ;)

Megaphon, loud, self-centered, fun and friendly sums it up! I've never had to wait on ballerinas, but it just sounds like it wouldn't be fun.

Mary, I think you're probably right. They may not be noticeably artistic, but I think it'd be hard for very left-brained people to do the multi-tasking and juggling we have to do.

Aremez said...

I did something similar to a friend once. He made the mistake of answering "Surprise me!" after I asked what he wanted to drink and I was in a very goofy mood.

Simple mix 3/4 glass root beer, 1/4 glass orange soda and one quick stir to even out the color. :)

He actually gave me a 8 out of 10 for taking him literally on that answer! Though I think he was just glad I switched it out with a Pepsi after he got his first(and last) taste of the 'Surprise.'