Monday, January 25, 2010

Never thought I'd see it!

Yesterday at work, CL gathered us all around in the back for a pre-shift meeting. After reiterating that we need to sell margaritas (blah, blah, blah), she said we were celebrating something: Lapdog's some-ungodly-length-of-time anniversary with the company. He got a fancy pin, and an award from the district manager for something I'd love to tell you about but you could google it and find out exactly where I work!

Then he got a round of applause, and he started blushed. The man turned beet fucking red. It was hilarious, he looked like a little emo kid. Someone jokingly said "speech, speech!" Lapdog kind of fumbled for words and finally said "Get back to work!" as he tried to escape. I'm lucky he was in a good mood, because of course what shot out of my mouth was "Well, that was very in character. Don't surprise us or anything." He just laughed.

See, sometimes I don't want to stab him!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I try to guess what the restaurant is but there are so many.
Figures another pin for the dysfunctional manager. If I'm correct you have been working there for 7-10 years?
Have you or any server gotten any recognition, except when you screw up?
My snarky answer to myself is, I thought so ;)

purplegirl said...

If I'd worked at that place for ten years I'd put myself out of my misery. :) I've been there three and will probably hit five before I'm done. I've been serving for about ten, though.

I haven't gotten any of the pins they award every few months--they always give them to other people. I was sort of pissed with the "fun" award was given to somebody who was gone for the last six months, since I keep my coworkers in stitches most of the time .... or at least the perverse ones! :)