Saturday, January 23, 2010

I shouldn't be surprised.

A few posts ago, I mentioned we'd had three/four people fired this last week, for various reasons. Two of them weren't even actually told--they just received their last paycheck. Nice, right?

Well, the cook who got fired is on Facebook, and several other employees made comments on his page. Basically they all said the same thing: "This is fucked up." Well, apparently the manager was snooping around on Facebook and saw this. So she's all pissed off, and decided to have individual chats to tell them how inappropriate that was. You know, to disagree with her.

The next day, the guy who was fired called to get some information from his file; it was for unemployment, so I guess it was his exact hire date or something. CL told him that it wasn't her problem he didn't have that info, and wouldn't give it to him. He called her a bitch ... and she responded by calling the police to file a harassment complaint, telling everyone how afraid she is, having a male employee walk her to her car, and beginning to park in the customer parking right in front of the building.

She also spent most of last night standing in one place, glaring at the bartender--who she'd bitched at for writing something on Facebook--because her phone was sitting by the terminal in the bar. And tonight I heard her telling this entire story--sounding very proud of herself--to one of her pet employees who gets away with anything (like calling out on shifts and using her cell phone in the front of the restaurant, for example). Later, she told it all to Judge Judy, who's supposed to be said bartender's friend. And JJ hopped right on her phone, in front of CL, to see if her "friend" had said anything about it on FB. Later, I also heard CL telling a freaking customer all this!

I shouldn't be surprised at all the melodrama and back-stabbing; I work with a bunch of lunatics, after all.

On a totally separate note, thanks to the two people who joined MySurvey! I appreciate you. :)


♥ Caz said...

That is pretty dramatic.
Soap opera? :D
At least it's interesting.

Though, telling the customer about it is pretty low.
Some customers might not come back because of the drama.

Oh well, her lost.

JumpIt said...

God damn, she needs a massive reality check. What a drama queen.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You're right though, with this technology, you can't hide anymore.
She's Drama Queen.

Aunty Pol said...

It is not very often that I am just jaw dropping speechless....this this comes close.

Talk about fubared.

Watch your back honey..this is f'd up...just sayin

Steven Nicolle said...

Imagine going on Facebook. This person really has to get a life.

I, Vandervecken, say: said...

I think the way she was acting after is what says the most her ... people like that know how vicious and vindictive they are, and in their twisted world view, it isn't possible that anyone would want to do anything other than get even. Because they would, and because no shot is too cheap to take! And telling a customer?!!?1? ZOMGWTF? I leave places like that as quickly as possible. Stay safe and good luck keeping out of the crossfire ....

purplegirl said...

I'm glad you all think she's nuts too! :) Strangely, she was totally normal and chipper today with everybody, as if nothing had ever happened.

megaphon said...

Hey purplegirl, I hope YOUR cover doesn't get blown! Imagine Chicken Little reading this blog... Aargh.

How much do you change about the facts to protect your identity?

purplegirl said...

Her head would freaking explode, I'd get fired right away for ... I don't know, "disrespectful behavior" or something! I try to stay fairly truthful, but I do change small facts so things don't match up identically on the off, horrible chance somebody were to stumble across my site!