Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goddamn liars.

A couple of minutes after I got to work, another server came rushing up to me. She said she'd greeted "my" tables and gotten their order and was transferring them to me. Turns out the hosts had sat my section about fifteen minutes before I got there, and nobody noticed. Splendid.

Still, those two tables ended up being just peachy keen and nice as can be. It was a third table, who'd been sat while my coworker was filling me in, who was the problem. They had an attitude from the beginning; they kept giving me "what, are you stupid?" looks every time I asked them a question. They were total white trash--a couple of about twenty or so, in huge baggy jeans and huge baggy shirts with super classy logos on them. And they had a kid of about two.

They didn't finish their first sodas before they got their food; they hadn't finished them when I checked back, or when I got her more salad dressing. I then got a little distracted dealing with Idiot Expo and the steak re-cook (see previous post, which I wrote on my phone while waiting for my dinner later on). When I'd returned the steak to the kitchen, I did a lap; Trashy and Trashy's Bitch and Trashies' Crotch Spawn all had half-full drinks and were still eating. I greeted another table, went to the kitchen, retrieved said steak, retrieved a box for another table, retrieved drinks for the new one.

Then I delivered all those things, and that's when I saw The Trash glaring at me. They were doing that peculiar sort of chin-in-hand, eye-rolling, contemptuous glare that always makes me want to remove somebody's septum with a fork. I ignored it and asked about dessert. They declined; I asked if they wanted refills, now that their drinks were empty, and they said yes. So I left their bill and went to fetch them a box and drinks. My new table still wasn't ready to order. I came back with the box, and Trashy's Bitch and her Spawn weren't at the table. Trashy was sitting there, staring at the spread of shredded napkins and macaroni on the table, probably contemplating how much happier his life would be if he'd used a condom.

My new table still wasn't ready to order; my two others were ready to cash out. Well, one was; the other was insisting on getting a senior discount on top of the 25% they got for their wait. So I had to go get Pot Smoking Manager, get him to discount it, take another copy to them, go cash out the other table, come back, pick up their check, run it, and return it. Somewhere in there Trashy's Bitch and Spawn came back, and they all sat there looking unhappy, the check sitting on the table untouched.

As I'm closing out Discount People's ticket, I see The Trash stop Bitter Divorced Man. He was still talking to them as I approached with Discount People's credit slips; I greeted my new table, then went to get the order from my other new table, who had finally made up their minds. Then I turned around, and saw that The Trash didn't have a bill. I thought I'd had a blonde moment, so I double-checked that I'd dropped it off. They just said "YEAH" with no explanation. Alright then.

I went to the kitchen to ring in food and my new table's bar drinks; BDM pulled me aside and that point and told me how The Trash had complained. They told him they waited forever and people ignored them, that I was "inattentive" and didn't look at them when I walked by, that they didn't get their refills until after they were done eating (well, yeah, you dumb fucking hillbillies, you don't generally get refills until you finish the first fill!), blah blah blah. I told BDM that wasn't accurate; he said "I'm just giving you their perspective." I countered with, "Well, their perspective is full of crap." He didn't like that.

That's all he told me. He didn't mention giving them a discount; he didn't mention taking them a new ticket. I discovered they'd gotten a discount by accident, when I was trying to select the table next to them. I was slightly weeded by this point, due to being taken aside and lectured after getting sat again; but I checked if they had a card or cash out as I was going by, and then didn't. I got more drinks, more ranch, etc., for my other tables, and as I was headed to my section I saw that The Trash were gone. Of course, there was no money on the table, and I almost hoped they'd done a dine-and-dash so BDM would see they were trash.

Then I saw Trashy's Bitch slumped against the front door, blocking anyone else from getting in and out, with a grip around her Spawn's forearm to try to control the shrieking thing. She was grinding her teeth and rolling her eyes and generally looked like somebody had tried to steal her child or something--wait, she'd probably be less upset by that.

"Did he take your bill somewhere?" I asked politely.
"Yeah," she snapped, with another death glare/eye roll. "To the bar."
So I scuttled down there, but the bartender had already given him change. "Thanks, Laura." I smiled at her, and completely ignored Trashy. I'd decided he could go fuck himself even before I knew for certain that they'd left exactly $9.12--their bill after getting $25 taken off.

It threw me off for a good hour or so, because I kept going over it in my mind, trying to figure out if I'd actually messed up. Maybe I could've gotten them refills even though they had soda left, but that's the only thing--it's not like they'd sucked them down right away and been waiting. They were just white trash ignoramus discount-seeking asshat high school dropout doucehounds.
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