Thursday, February 11, 2010

I do not like you.

ETA: I changed the title of this post this morning, because it was a tiny bit harsh. I was extra cranky last night over something else! I really should save that level of vitriol for the truly bad people. Middle Finger Cat stays though, as he's hilarious!

I got a table of three tonight that always seems to find something to complain about. I got a bad feeling when I greeted them, but I shrugged it off--my back was killing me, to the point where I was taking tiny little baby steps and couldn't lean over (and naturally I had the station farthest from the kitchen). I wasn't as sharp as I should have been because of the constant stabbing pain, which I guess is how I somehow managed not to put their order in. I honestly thought that I had; I even checked on it--I thought. Turns out I kept pulling up the table next to them and I don't know why.

So I finally realize how I fucked up, and get their food in on the fly, and get Pot Smoking Manager on the case. I also told them it was my fault, and apologized. They got their food less than ten minutes later, told me everything was great, ordered a second round of drinks. PSM comped all their food, of course; they only had to pay for their alcohol. When they put out their cash I said I'd be right back with their change, and got the man paying said they didn't need change. I hadn't looked at the amount, so I thought I might be getting a tip. And I did, technically. I'd rather I didn't; they left a forty two cent "tip". To me, that's more insulting than nothing at all.

I was a first cut, and when my last two tables paid I sat down for about ten minutes. When I stood up, mentally ready to hobble around doing my sidework .... my back didn't hurt! I was amazed! I wanted to dance and sing and skip around. So the night ended well after all!
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    SkippyMom said...

    I hate having my food comped [unless it is totally screwed up and I only ate one bite] because I figure it I ate it, then I owe - even if it WAS 10 minutes late. Oh the horror! Where the hell do I have to be.

    But if a restaurant insists and comps something you can be sure the waitress is getting an even better tip because suddenly I have extra funds [It has been my experience with comps that it is usually the kitchen that screws up in our case]

    Steven Nicolle said...

    That is brutal working with a bad back. My back is out a bit right now so worked last night with a back support. And it is going to be a busy weekend. Going to be tough. Good wishes on the weekend.

    SkippyMom said...

    A tiny bit harsh? I counted, I think, three F words. LMAO! I don't mind really, I find it hysterical, but it sure was an eyecatcher on my blog roll this morning.


    AZWaitress said...

    Hey, I don't mind the language, I'm an adult ;) Of course some people wouldn't promote that, but they're not here to read it.

    Rant on however you like PG!

    purplegirl said...

    Well, I don't want to go off too much about small things, it diminished the impact when I'm really TRULY pissed off!

    ♥ Caz said...

    Damn! I missed the the title from earlier. :)
    But hey, when you get pissed off I'm sure that I will see it.

    Two cents suck.
    Hope your back is (still) better. :)

    purplegirl said...

    Caz, the title from easrlier was "Yeah, fuck you too, you old fucks." Like I said, cranky. :)

    Mary Sheehan Winn said...

    it's amazing that this restaurant makes ANY money the way they comp food.
    If you eat it or take it away you should pay!!
    I had a lot of laughs browsing your blog tonight, Purplegirl. Hope you are well. Nighty, Night!