Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Psycho hosebeast!

My poor friend L. Last night was her first night at work since she was basically demoted. She'd had people offer her shifts in the last week or so, but she was really nervous about coming back--not to mention angry and hurt. She and Chicken Little used to kind of be friends, actually, so all this has really been stressful for her.

Anyway, it figures on her first night back she gets a total bitch. This woman and her husband ordered wine and an appetizer, and said they wanted to "enjoy them". Well, L., being a good server, checked back from time to time, when she brought a second glass of wine, when she cleared their appetizer plates away, etc. Finally she heard the woman tell her husband, "You know what I want, you can order for me." So L. stopped and asked if they were ready to order.

The bitch's head about exploded. She started yelling--literally--at L., telling her she was a waitress for 40 years and she would never treat a customer the way L. was treating them. She demanded the check, and then she continued to yell about how L. was so rude, and she was going to "report" her, etc. etc. The husband was totally quiet this whole time, he just started guzzling his wine! L. came back to the kitchen and told Lapdog the story--thanking her lucky stars CL wasn't working, I'm sure. Lapdog finished expediting the order he was on before heading out there.

In the meantime, this woman had gotten up from her table and was accosting the customers at the tables around her! I couldn't hear what she was saying, because I was taking care of my tables on the other side of the restaurant, but I saw her getting in peoples' faces. L. said she was demanding that the other customers agree with her that L. was a terrible server, and so rude, and such a bitch! Apparently one of them men she wouldn't leave alone finally said, "GET AWAY FROM ME."

Eventually, Psycho Hosebeast migrated toward the door, clutching the book with her check in it. L. tried to follow her and grab it, but another table stopped her and asked to talk to the manager--to tell him that the woman was crazy, that L. was the best server they'd ever had, that she'd better not get in trouble because that woman was just crazy!

Psycho had reached the host stand; she jammed the black book at Wannabe and told her to "Take this to that BITCH who was waiting on us!" Lapdog bought their appetizer and wine just so to try to stop the bitch from calling and complaining later; and also so that she wouldn't have a corporate survey slip to take with her! The other tables in L.'s section stood up for her, which is great; then they started joking with her. The man who told Psycho to get away from him responded to one of her questions with, "Are you supposed to be talking to me?" before starting to laugh.

Of course, L. was super stressed out about it, because she knows CL is looking for a reason to fire her. I asked Lapdog if he was going to document this so if the woman called back L. wouldn't be in trouble; he assured us he'd explain the situation if it came up, so hopefully L. is safe.

I'm glad I didn't have any nutcases in my section tonight--the first few hours I was there I was hobbling around, walking like I had a stick up my ass. Carrying a single plate was almost intolerable. Then something kind of popped and released in my back and it got better--not perfect, but better. Which was good, since I was a closer!

ETA: SkippyMom pointed out that I did say what L. supposedly did "wrong". Er ... yeah. She was checking on them too much, apparently.
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    Aunty Pol said...

    Oh crap..Poor L...I sorta want to send her a virtual hug just because...there is a phrase that is running through my perverted little mind about this customer..

    " See You Next Tuesday.."

    Oh...and I am soo stealing the photo for my blog...lalalala



    SkippyMom said...

    I have absolutely no idea, from the telling of the story, what L did wrong in this woman's eyes. And then for the woman to accost other tables? Would've been banned.

    Wow. Hope L is okay.

    purplegirl said...

    D'oh! I kind of forgot that. :) She was "checking on them too much"!

    AP, I sincerely hope we DON'T see this woman next Tuesday! Gah!

    ♥ Caz said...

    Gosh, that's just really psycho.
    Even if she was paying special attention to them (too frequently) I don't think that she should warrant being called a bitch.

    I'm glad the other tables stood up for her, other wise poor L would of been even more shaken up. Some customers know the difference between right and wrong.

    Hope that L is alright and that CL doesn't get the chance she has to fire her. :(

    Steven Nicolle said...

    What a psychopath! And to think you have to jump hoops to make sure head office doesn't hear about it so someone doesn't get fired. No back up at all for L working there.

    purplegirl said...

    So far CL hasn't canned her, and I haven't heard about the woman calling to complain. Of course, some people will let it stew for a few weeks and then call and blast somebody's eardrums!

    sadi said...

    I know this is a very late comment, but I'm just finding this blog. Love it!

    The phrase is...

    C U Next Tuesday :-) Reserved for psycho hosebeasts only.