Saturday, March 27, 2010

Actual late night business? No way!

Last Sunday and Monday, I was absolutely astounded when we had people in the restaurant for our late night hours. Monday it was all bar customers, probably ten of them still there and drinking at our old closing time of eleven.

Sunday night was the one that really surprised me, though. I was busy right up until the end with four or five tables. I had several tables of employees throughout the night, which was nice; but I also had a lot of just regular tables. People were playing Guitar Hero and having fun. It was the kind of late night thing corporate wants us to have, and I was shocked. Of course, since then there's been absolutely nothing, which has CL all stressed out.

My favorite part of Sunday night? The table that, between eight people, had five pitchers of beer, twelve Jagerbombs, three shots of Dewars, and tipped me $60. They can come back any time!

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