Saturday, March 13, 2010

Late night crap, day 2.

After the first dismal night that was our late night scene, I wasn't expecting much out of Tuesday. Tuesday was trivia night, and also "2 for 1" drinks; and I was quite surprised when at about 8:30 a table of five younger guys actually came in specifically for trivia! We had a couple of other random tables or two or three, and the host asked them if they wanted to sit in the bar area for trivia. It just happened that the entire bar area was my section, so I actually got quite busy. So busy, in fact, that I got serious tunnel vision and didn't really notice that nobody else was getting tables. I felt bad about that later, but at the time I was just running in laps around the bar.

CL in to run trivia; it was a low-key affair at first, just a boombox mic and a couple of rounds of ten questions. Several of the tables that sat in the bar didn't actually decide to play, so when we started there were only three teams. Honestly, it was pretty goddamn boring. CL obviously isn't in to trivia. She would read the question, exactly as written, clearly and carefully and monotone-ly pronouncing each word. Then she'd re-read it the same way. With the music off and nobody talking, the place felt deserted despite the customers.

After the second round, Anna and I were the only servers left and were alternating tables. Our usual Tuesday night Jehovahs came in, one table of three and one of fourteen. They were separated by one two-top, and so I ended up with both. That was about the time when nobody wanted to read off the trivia questions anymore. I spent the last hour or so of trivia reading off ten questions (trying to insert a little life and humor into the proceedings), dashing around getting refills and dessert orders, running back to read off answers, taking off to check on people again, etc. etc. Anna had a few tables, and she helped me; Cali Girl was stocking the bar; CL and Pot Smoking Manager were basically watching in amusement. All in all, it went quite well. I was surprised.

At the end of the night, I counted my money four times because I couldn't believe it was right. I made $145 that night! At first I thought if that's how the late night stuff is going to go, I can totally get on board. But of course, it was luck: luck that I got that section, luck that two tables were employees, luck that a table pre-cut had left me twenty bucks, luck that I got both tables of Johovahs.

It was nice to have a little luck for once. Nobody came in after ten, though, so the late night counter? Still at zero.


Steven Nicolle said...

Good stuff making that money. You need once in a while some things go your way. It goes the opposite way too. You deserve that one.

purplegirl said...

Yeah, it swung the opposite way already, this weekend was BULLSHIT.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

good for you and it sounds like you earned it too, entertaining as well as serving.
Do any of those managers ever say, "Good Job, tonight SC!" ?