Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes, I wish I could work barefoot.


I know that realistically, waitressing barefoot would be a nightmare. With the disgusting state of kitchen floors mid-shift, and the people everywhere, and broken glass and all. But I get so tired of dealing with the ever-present dilemma of work shoes. It's not like I can just go to the store and buy any pair of nike shoes I feel like -- because they have to be a certain color and they can't have any decorations and for my own safety and sanity they have to slip-resistant.

And now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I've had any nike shoes in my life. Well, maybe back in the 80s I might have had some bitch' puffy high-tops that were nike shoes, but anyway. The ones I've been wearing lately are okay, and they hold up pretty well; and they're cheap. But still, sometimes by the end of a shift my feet are just throbbing. And it will happen at the strangest times. by the end of my last shift of the week, I'm usually fine. But sometimes the second or third night of the week I'll suddenly feel like I'm walking on bruises.

I'm not sure if that a function of my shoes, or my feet swelling, or what, but it's super annoying. There have been a few times at work that I've waited until customers left, got all my kitchen stuff done, and then taken off my shoes and done my vacuuming or whatever barefoot. Which still leaves me feeling like I need to bleach my feet, but you know. At least I'm more comfortable for a while.


Anonymous said...

omg i have the same problem all the shoes are the most impossible thing to find, i either find comfortable or non slip, never both ughhhh so annoying. btw this is my first comment, i love ur blog, i can relate soooo much

Anonymous said...

love being barefoot! but working dansko or sanita shoes!! def don't think about my feet... my legs yes jello = done for... grass and barefoot love it!!

FoodServiceNinja said...

get some Reebok work shoes called on the job IIs i think. My local JC penneys has them on constant sale for 39 bucks from $50 -very comfy and oil and slip resistant. Come in black and white. JCpenneys also sells another tennis shoe designed for work but they dont have em in wides.

Waitress Diary said...

You're wearing the wrong shoes. Seriously there is nothing more important than shoes on the job. I went through every brand of 'work shoes' under seventy bucks that I could. Until I broke my leg. And then I looked around me at all of the Chefs and bought Sanitas. they are amazing! I have a hell of a time wearing anything else, ever. You can find them for a bit over a hundred bucks and they come in a lot of different styles I have a pair that I wear for skirts and clogs for slacks. I know exactly how you feel and I remember very clearly taking off my shoes at the end of a shift and the throbbing feet halfway through a shift now, I don't realize what kind of shoes I'm wearing until over twelve hours later. You won't regret them I promise.

Lisa said...

When I was a hairstylist I used to buy shoes for nurses. They were so much more comfortable than tennis shoes and really made for people who stay on their feet all day.