Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shoot me now.

We're showing the UFC fight tonight, and literally half my section just filled with teenagers ordering water and staying for the fight. The fight that's in three hours.

I also have a sock full of Mountain Dew. FML, seriously.


wigsf said...

If they're not paying customers, can't you kick 'em out.

progressboink said...

I had people call all night last night asking if we were showing it...thank God we weren't!

That sucks...I hate when people don't pay for anything, take up your table, and then don't tip you, either.

wigsf - It wouldn't matter if they told them "pay or get out", because then they'd buy the cheapest thing on the menu in order to stay...and probably still won't tip.

The Bitchy Waiter said...

they suck.

purplegirl said...

They ended up not being too bad -- I think one of the managers actually said something to them, because they suddenly cleared out after about an hour! Even tipped me.