Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling sluggish.

About a month ago I was wiping down the soda machine at the end of the night. When I pulled the lid of the ice bin out to wipe it off, I noticed something weird protruding from under the edge of it. It looked like rubber that was wearing off or something. So I pulled the lid off .... and noticed it was moving. My brain didn't want to acknowledge that fact until I pulled the black plastic drip catcher off .... and yep, there was a big old freshly chopped-in-half oozing its way across the inside of the soda machine!

I yelled for Pot Smoking Manager -- I do not get paid enough to deal with insect activity! He scraped it up and threw it in the trash while the rest of us tried not to vomit. Then I took the splash guard off to put it through the dishwasher, found no more, and thought it was an anomaly. Well, the next night I took things apart again just in case ... and found two more of the nasty fucking things sliming around by the syrup tubes! They weren't anywhere that th
eir scum would get in the sodas or ice, but it's still just fucking repulsive. The next time I closed, I checked again, and this time there were four nasty slugs. Bitter Divorced Man was working, and he dragged them out with a fork -- they were goddamn huge! Like four inches long.

The CO2 hose goes in to an unsealed hole in the wall, which is the only place we can figure they're coming from. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this has happened--someone else had a slug incident last summer. I still check the soda machine every time
I close, and each time I have this vision of a wall of writhing slugs coating the inside of the soda machine.

Bitter Divorced Man called the pest control company, and we haven't had any slugs in weeks .... but I've been drinking a lot of water while at work.


Bread said...

Yuck. Slugs? Ive heard of roaches, flies, ants, and even the occasional bee...but slugs?

ps, check out the latest server blog (mine) http://morebreadplz.blogspot.com

SkippyMom said...

Would it be fair to say I vomited in my mouth a bit on your behalf.

ACK. GROSS. [not that you need me to point that out, sorry.]

Ick. I need a shower. Take care.

Danielle Kirrane said...

I just found your blog and literally laughed out loud when I read the "oozing" slug part and saw the pumpkin vomitting...mmm perfection.